our new groomer

Quinebaug Kennels is pleased to announce the addition of Karen Osper as our new groomer! Karen brings over 30 years of experience in grooming and animal care including gun dog training and all breed show handling. Prior to joining the Quinebaug Team she owned a successful grooming shop in York, Maine called The Nautical Dog. Karen is also owner/breeder of Beachstone Cocker Spaniels and among the top Sporting Dogs in the country (MBIS MBISS GCHS Beachstone’s Blacklist “Spader”).

Karen not only is a skilled groomer for family pets as well as competition show dogs, she is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to overall canine health and wellness.  Karen often has wonderful advice for dogs with hot spot issues, food allergies that affect dog’s skin and coats, and she has outstanding advice when it comes to dogs with ear infection issues.

Karen is thorough with her grooming, shaping, clipping, de-matting and coat stripping (a skill that not many know how to do for breeds such as Wired Haired Pointing Griffons).  She also loves to share her knowledge and expertise to help with the best coat management practices for your pet, from nail care to skin care and tooth care.

From Karen, we have all learned that a dog bath is just not a bath, it is a process that must be done thoroughly and properly, starting with the right shampoo to a rinse, rinse more and rinse again followed by a good high powered blow dryer to remove dead skin and completely dry the coat.

We strive to keep our dogs clean, so when the dogs in our kennel just have too much fun romping and playing while boarding or training, our skilled kennel care staff will individually wash each dog to best keep them happy and healthy.