Date of Graduation: February 9, 2016

Baxter did well in our program. He came in with his brother Ranger. Often when people obtain two littermates at the same time and are raised together they will begin to bond too strongly to each other and display behavior issues. With Baxter and Ranger, these symptoms are mild. They do start to display some “pack” mentality when with other dogs, where they will play too rough or try to mount other dogs and “gang up” on other dogs (not aggressively, just a natural pack mentality). We worked with them daily on this when they were in groups with other dogs. We encourage you to work with the dogs separately as much as possible, as well as give them opportunities to play with other dogs separately.
Baxter learned the point-of-contact with the leash, which is our way of communication with the dogs. He knows light cues with the wonder lead as well as the verbal cues for Heel, Sit, Down, Kennel, Place, and Here/Come. Continue to work with him with the leash and practice calm, consistent leadership with him.

We enjoyed working with Baxter! We hope to see him again for further training.

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