Date of Graduation: February 9, 2016
Bowie first came to Quinebaug in April of 2015 because she was showing some aggressive behaviors at home in New York City. When she came to us, she was growling at anyone she saw and would put on a big scary act to try and intimidate whoever she met. Bowie came in for our 4 week E-collar program to help teach her that she was no longer the leader of her household and that her growling, snapping and jumping was not going to get her anywhere. During her 4 week stay we worked on her aggressive behaviors, which turned out to be fear based. She lacked a lot of confidence and needed to learn to trust people. She also showed she was very nervous of children at home, so our head obedience trainer, Sharon brought in her son (5 at the time) to work with her. She fell in love with him and was obeying his every command. By the end of Bowie’s 4 week’s here she had turned around completely. She was a happy girl who loved to play and wanted to work. With a job at home and being worked daily, she has been doing much better for her owner and he is enjoying her company so much more. Bowie continues to return as an avid QK Training dog to further improve her obedience and work on her socializing with people. She has been on many field trips while here at QK and everyone falls in love with her looks and happy personality.

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