Jordan Wells

Lead Dog Trainer and Lead Gun Dog Trainer
Jordan Wells Trainer with Dog

Jordan grew up in CT were he developed a strong passion for the outdoors and hunting at an early age with his father. He always wanted a bird dog to hunt with so at the age of 21 when Jordan moved out to college he purchased his first German shorthaired pointer “Lacey” and the obsession started.

Jordan graduated from The University of Connecticut in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Turfgrass and Soil Science from the College of Agriculture. He had previously obtained a degree in Diesel Technology and worked as a Mechanic. As the search for jobs continued after college he saw an ad for a trainer position at Quinebaug Kennels and went for it. He enjoys time in the field hunting, shooting, fishing, and riding horses. Jordan became involved with horseback Pointing Dog Field Trials and he has been running his four German Shorthair Pointers for the past several years.

Jordan also has spent time afield working with some great local Labrador Retriever Pros and Amateurs and he has assisted with AKC Working Certificate tests and training. As an active member of the Fin, Fur and Feather Hunting Club Jordan helps to raise 4,000 pheasants yearly as well as maintain the field trial and hunting area owned by the Club. We are super excited to have Jordan as one of our Quinebaug Kennels Gun Dog Trainers. Jordan is calm, kind, and so passionate about training dogs! The QK staff and all of the dogs adore his gentle fun loving nature. Congratulations to Jordan for being promoted to our Lead Trainer position! Jordan has excelled incredibly in his time with us and have proven to be a wonderful team leader, mentor and coach to all of our trainers.