Joseph Lussier

Dog Trainer

Joe is from Canterbury, Connecticut and grew up no more than a mile away from the Kennel. He just finished up with his associates degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences and wishes to continue towards a BA in Natural Sciences. Joe applied back in 2014 as a Kennel Staff Member and quickly worked his way from there to Senior Kennel Staff, then Assistant Gun Dog Trainer to now a Gun Dog and Young Dog Trainer. Joe not only trains gun dogs but also runs and leads our two-week puppy camp. A proud owner of three American Brittany Spaniels which whom his father breeds alongside Bob Flurry’s Birch-Hill Brittany’s. Not only does Joe enjoy working dogs in the field but he lives to fish, hunt, and play his banjo. We are proud to have Joe as a member and friend here at QK Dogs and look forward to what his future holds here. Currently Joe will be back in school for the summer of 2018 during the weekdays however he is staying onboard to offer weekend dog training lessons!