Kyrena Parkinson

I contacted Jennifer while my new pup was still in utero.  She is now 16 weeks.

From the time of my first visit to the kennel (before Dutch was born), through our first meeting together and initial introduction lesson I was continually confident in their philosophies and care.

Dutch just spent last week training/boarding and I must admit, it was harder than leaving my children for the first time! But I knew she was at a first rate establishment, would be safe with pups her own age, and not be over faced or manhandled in anyway. These were very important aspects to me.

Jennifer provided meaningful timely updates during Dutch’s stay and a follow up conversation when I picked her up. The staff was organized and Dutch was beautifully groomed and appropriately happy to see me again, not displaying any “get me outa here” behaviors. I know she had a beneficial experience. Dutch will be attending for another 10 days the first week of December.

I have to say, my schedule is a little wacky because I live in Pennsylvania, I do have family in CT which is part of the reason I chose QK. The big reason is Jennifer’s professionalism, her level of expectation of her staff and love of the dogs. I could not entrust my family the same way with my “baby”!

In your service,

Kyrena Parkinson

Jim Russell

I LOVE my new dog!!

He is an absolute pleasure to be around. He’s is doing a lot of thinking! He starting digging in our garden today and my 12 year old grabbed the remote and gave him a solid high 3. (That’s my limit for her for now:-)) he jumped and then sat there starred at the hole he tried to start for about a minute! He didn’t go back. He is walking “with” us so well. He does get a tad bit ahead like 6 inches but all in all it’s fantastic.

You guys should charge more…:-). I’ll have some questions as the week progresses but for now we are thrilled!!!


Kate Hodgkins

Our Aussie, Finn, just got home from grooming with AJ. He looks and feels amazing!

She did a great job and he is calm and not at all rattled by his experience. He was a rescue and is still not good with people other then immediate family. Trips to the vet, grooming, etc. can be very traumatic for Finn (even more so since we lost our older Aussie, Riley, to bone cancer in April). He came home today acting his normal goofy self.  AJ made him feel very comfortable for this to be his reaction to being away from us for several hours.

Finn was trained at QK a couple years ago and he has retained his training learned. Before going to QK for training Finn had no manners and was an escape artist. He has not once tried to leave our fenced in yard since his training. His running with the four wheeler at QK prepared him well for walks beside my mobility scooter.

We will continue to bring Finn to QK for kenneling, grooming, training, etc…

Deb Gabes

Bella is the most amazing dog & the transformation is incredible.

Her and I work on our commands every day, walking with me, with collar, and sometimes without the collar and she is just so good- she definitely aims to please and she gets along so well with all the dogs that she is in contact with.  Just recently we were at a high school graduation with over 100 people.  While there, two other dogs said “Hi” and she was well behaved, played well with the other dogs, and was actually the leader when it came to listening.  The other dog owners wanted to know how she got to be so well behaved and I raved about QK kennels.



The Montgomery Family

Thank you to everyone for taking great care of our furry family member , Bromley.

She came home happy and is back to her normal routines.  We appreciate the care she was given.

Fondly ,
The Montgomery Family

Karen Schilling Broderick

We’ve been bringing our dogs, Finn & Darcy, to QK for several years and couldn’t be more happy with the services Jen and her team provide.

From basic obedience to boarding when we wanted an adult vacation to gun dog training, QK has given us the confidence to be better dog owners and has given the dogs the confidence in being well-behaved hunting dogs. We have learned so much. These dogs are so happy, productive and a joy in our home. We are happy to drive over an hour to a beautiful section of CT knowing our dogs are well cared for, and being trained by the best. Jen has a top-notch business and delivers the care, expertise, and supportive therapies to get the best out of our dogs. Jen, your team rocks.

Thank you all for what you do.

Megan Moriarty

Everything about QK is amazing.

All the employees there are all very knowledgeable and incredibly friendly and seem genuinely happy to be there. Willow was there for the 4 week boot camp. I got an email every week from her amazing trainer Jordan and could call and check on her whenever and get a detailed response! Willow was also featured on their FB page numerous times throughout her stay. The professional photos I had taken of her while she was there came out better than I could have expected! When I picked Willow up she looked happy healthy and eager to learn and be around Jordan and the other trainers. Very impressed with my go home lesson. I learned so much about the dog that I had been living with for years and never knew. I also was able to test her for her CGC title as Sharon is an evaluated for the AKC. My experience was incredible and I can’t wait for her to board there again when I go on vacation in July. I will be telling everyone I know about my experience in hopes they try it out for themselves as they will not be disappointed!

Carol Tourangeau

The staff and training at QK Dogs is amazing!

Their facility is beautiful & immaculately clean. I definitely got a dog resort vibe when we were there for drop-off and pickup (a good vibe!!), but don’t be fooled – there is serious work going on. Words cannot describe the turnaround they worked into my dog’s behavior. The four-week training program is definitely the best gift that I have given to Arlo & my family.

Thank you – everyone at QK Dogs!

John Cullimore

Incredibly today marks the ten year anniversary for my German short haired pointer’s graduation from the Quinebaug kennels training camp.

To this day I still believe if it was not for your teams training, not only for Duchess but also for my wife and I, this adoption would have ended very badly.  Many so called experts said this breed could not survive and be happy in an apartment in NYC.  Way too much energy, she needs a back yard, etc.

I am very happy to report that ten years later she not only survived but thrived.  Running in central park everyday off leash with help from the e-collar allowed Duchess to live to her full potential.  In fact, as my training partner, she helped me qualify for the Boston marathon.  She averaged almost fifty miles per week!  “A tired dog is a happy dog.”  This was by far your best advice and I remember you stressing that to this day.

Once again I would like to thank you and your staff for helping Duchess become a huge part of our family.  And she is still going strong at almost twelve years old!


Robert McInturff

Quinebaug offers more services for the dollar…

I have been a client of Jennifer Broome and Quinebaug Kennels for over six years.

As someone who resides over 60 miles from her farm, I must have a good reason to make the drive – and I do.

I first ran into Jennifer at Addieville East, where she was giving a retriever demonstration to close to 100 people. She was there as part of the grand opening of Robin Hollow Outfitters.

Jennifer’s demo was the best I had ever seen, giving excellent insights into technique and subtleties of temperament in each dog. I was impressed, her references were excellent, but I was most impressed with her responsiveness to my questions via phone, email and face to face. Her response was timely and business-like, and you got the sense that she was running a business, and was not just a person who “trains dogs.”

However, there were a number of excellent trainers who were within the same driving distance, so why pick Jennifer?

Jennifer offered more services for the dollar. Her training rates were similar to others, but she offered more “soft services for the dog’s well-being, specifically more exercise time, more time outside, and certainly more consistent physical and verbal contact with our dog.

Perhaps the most important reason was that my wife and children were most comfortable with Jennifer. Her interactions with them convinced them that our dog was at a great place, not puppy jail. The result has been that our dog has spent more and longer time at Quinebaug than if he were dropped off at another facility. The family refers to Riley being at “camp”, rather than at the kennel. That comfort probably gives Jennifer 2-3 weeks more kenneling time per year.

Quinebaug’s location is easy to get to, straight out of Massachusetts and a straight ride down 395. More importantly, the local area allows us to meander when we want, taking in the antiques, restaurants and other local attractions. As a result, the drive does not seem to be that long and therefore we choose to bring our dog to Quinebaug rather than a local facility.

Finally, I’ve referred five Massachusetts residents who have in turn brought their dogs to Jennifer for either training or boarding. Each has been thoroughly pleased, have returned, and like me, feel the few extra minutes it takes to get there is not a large hurdle and well worth it.

I’m excited about Jennifer’s expansion plans and anticipate the result will be that I spend more time at Quinebaug Kennels.”

Robert McInturff