Fresh air, friends, and room to play.

Quinebaug Kennels is located in Canterbury, CT among the hills of Northeastern Connecticut. With spacious kennels and vast exercise fields, this 100-acre farm provides an ideal setting for raising, training and boarding canines. Dogs are always under the watchful eye of the owner, Jennifer, whose home is located on the premises. Throughout the day, dogs are exercised and trained in the farm’s open fields, woodlands, and hedgerows. We realize the importance of canine socialization and pack structure; therefore we encourage group exercise and playtime in our large fenced in play yards.

Quinebaug Kennels offers much more than just a place to house your canine. We provide expert care, lots of exercise, and comprehensive training for puppies, obedience, problem behaviors, and electronic collar conditioning. In addition, we specialize in gun dog training for retrievers, flushing dogs and pointers from basic puppy camp to seasoned, finished hunters.

We pride ourselves on the care, personal touch, and services that we provide. Our employees are here because they simply love dogs. Our clients become our friends, and we treat their pets just like our own.

The testimonials and nearly 100% repeat business says it all!

Our goal at Quinebaug Kennels is to provide quality dog care in a safe, friendly, and spacious environment. We believe a tired dog is a happy dog; therefore our operation revolves around exercise, social interaction, and training to fulfill, satisfy and exhaust both mind and body.

Jennifer Broome