Fresh air, friends, and room to play.

Quinebaug Kennels is located in Canterbury, CT among the hills of Northeastern Connecticut. With spacious kennels and vast exercise fields, this 100-acre farm provides an ideal setting for raising, training and boarding canines. Dogs are always under the watchful eye of the owner, Jennifer, whose home is located on the premises. Throughout the day, dogs are exercised and trained in the farm’s open fields, woodlands, and hedgerows. We realize the importance of canine socialization and pack structure; therefore we encourage group exercise and playtime in our large fenced in play yards.

Quinebaug Kennels offers much more than just a place to house your canine. We provide expert care, lots of exercise, and comprehensive training for puppies, obedience, problem behaviors, and electronic collar conditioning. In addition, we specialize in gun dog training for retrievers, flushing dogs and pointers from basic puppy camp to seasoned, finished hunters.

We pride ourselves on the care, personal touch, and services that we provide. Our employees are here because they simply love dogs. Our clients become our friends, and we treat their pets just like our own.

The testimonials and nearly 100% repeat business says it all!

Our goal at Quinebaug Kennels is to provide quality dog care in a safe, friendly, and spacious environment. We believe a tired dog is a happy dog; therefore our operation revolves around exercise, social interaction, and training to fulfill, satisfy and exhaust both mind and body.

New Year, New Brand
It’s a Brand New Year and…
the Year for a New Brand.

When we officially founded Quinebaug Kennels in 2004, we sought a name that represented the unique 100-acre property that surrounded the dogs, people and culture that defined our community. We knew, right from the very beginning, that Quinebaug would be a challenge to say, spell and search, however, we felt it was the best option to convey what made us unique.
Here we are, ten years later… about to launch our amazing lodge; sending couriers as far as New York and Boston; celebrating an international reputation for breed management and training; as well as attempting to manage endless opportunities to be leaders in everything from product development to instructional books.
Not only are we well beyond the geographic bounds of Quinebaug, we are also well beyond the definition and impression of being a “kennel.”

As the walls were going up on the Lodge and the need for signage and other marketing was soon to follow, we decided to take a step back and revisit our brand.
To help us with this decision process, we turned to our friends at Miranda Creative, the community that created our beloved Quinebaug Kennels brand and team of people that instinctively understood our goals and needs.

Quickly, it became clear that what we needed was a parent brand to our organization. We didn’t want to lose the name recognition of reputation of our Kennel product, but we needed a solution that reflected our training, gear, food, total care and a growing list of business lines.
The results of this need and challenge? QK Dogs (with subsidiaries of QK Training, QK Boarding, QK Gear…you get the idea!) As you can see from the attached graphic, we have adopted some aspects of our original brand (colors, font style, dog silhouette), but we have diversified the dog shapes, and we have allowed for colors/themes of the logo to reflect our total organization.

The final outcome adopted an abbreviation of our brand already well-used by customers and clients alike “QK,” and integrated the familiar into something new. We could not be more pleased with the results, and we hope you are as well.

Thank you for being part of this great journey!

Jennifer Broome