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What are your prices? 

  • Dog Grooming starts at $35 for a basic service for short-hair dogs weighing less than 50 pounds. This includes bathing, brushing, drying and nail clipping. For dogs with longer coats, services start at $55. Specialized treatments including care for dry skin and breed-specific cuts are available, and we will be happy to provide specific pricing following a brief consultation.
  • Playcare+ (the unique QK version of Doggie Day Care) is $55 per day.  With basic training and mental stimulation that enriches the dog/owner connection, our PlayCare+ program is more than a pile of dogs nipping, fighting, and playing rough. Activites include woodland trail hikes and ATVing, obstacle courses, large play yards, and seasonal kiddie pools.  This Playcare+ program is a FULL day program only, all dogs in our program receive:
    • Playtime and exercise (both morning/afternoon)
    • QK graduate refresher training and patience work with experienced PlayCare+ Counselors
    • Consistent reinforcement of helpful command skills (come, go to bed, sit, lie down)
    • Nail care
  • Boarding care starts at $65 per day. Unlike other kennel locations, this fee is inclusive of regular exercise and mental stimulus such as socialization time in our large fenced-in yards, feeding and comprehensive care. Our facility is state-of-the-art and impeccably clean with air circulation systems that remove odor and other allergens for respiratory health. In addition, QK offers on-site veterinary services — not to replace your beloved vet — but to provide peace of mind in the rare event of need.

Can I get a grooming appointment?

Grooming services are available by appointment only. Our experienced groomer will take great care of your dog from a holistic perspective — sharing expertise and knowledge on your dog’s coat, skin, nail and tooth care. Our team can suggest diet, supplements and coat-care products to keep your dog looking, feeling and smelling good until the next time you visit.

To schedule an appointment, contact and a grooming specialist will call you to book an appointment.

How much are your training programs?

QK training programs start at $600 per dog per week + taxes, lessons and equipment.

QK Dogs offers a variety of training to meet a wide range of owner expectations. From basic obedience training appropriate for family pets, to specialized excursion dog training for active dog owners who want to bike, hike or kayak with their companions, we are dedicated to enriching the dog/owner experience through quality training. 

Our fees vary depending upon the level and intensity of training required.

For active owners seeking an award-winning gun dog, excursion dog or other specialized training, programs are customized based on the age of the dog, goals and breed.

Can I book training for my dog while I am on vacation and need to board anyway?

This convenient combo was something that we used to be able to accommodate, but with so many new clients reaching out every day, we simply cannot make this happen.

Committing to a training program should be a thoughtful decision and a commitment to your dog as well as our very structured QK training program.

QK training program graduates are eligible for PlayCare+ Refresher work which is a great opportunity when boarding in conjunction with your vacation.

What QK training programs are best for my dog?

If your goal is a companion of a lifetime for the next decade, or more — then consider one of our core programs.

LEASH PROGRAM – For Puppies 3 – 5 months:  This program is ideal to guide and teach manners, healing, sit, lie down, go to bed, come to heel.  This is Foundation Training preparation for off leash work.  It is taught and reinforced with multiple repetitions to gain muscle memory to lightly follow the leash.  This is an ON LEASH ONLY program.

OFF LEASH E-COLLAR PROGRAM – 6 Months to Adulthood:  Whether adolescent or adult, lets move forward to a life off leash! This program incorporates leash work, overlay to remote training collar to teach your dogs the valuable skills of life off leash!  With this program dogs will have a full obedience foundation of leash and owners will have the tools to correct unwanted behaviors such as barking, digging, counter surfing, and more.

Does my dog really have to have all the shots?

Yes. We may not have met you or your dog yet, but we already care about you.  On busy Holiday weekends, as many as 100 dogs could be on our multi-acre campus. To keep everyone safe, happy and healthy, we set pretty strict vaccine requirements. After nearly three decades of caring for dogs that mean the world to their owners, we have no regrets about putting safety ahead of convenience. We hope you feel the same.

Can my dog still become sick or get hurt?

Yes! Unfortunately, vaccines do not cover all strains of illnesses. When dogs are in group settings, they are more susceptible to illness, injury or picking up parasites. Despite our incredible standards, hospital grade cleaners, vaccines protocols, non stop picking up of poop and scrubbing water buckets, we simply cannot bubble wrap your dog.

Our QK dogs love to play in the grass and even mud and puddles; they splash in pools, lick each other’s bums and share plenty of spit. We let them play and be dogs! While the occasional scuffle happens, we are extremely diligent about supervising our dogs while they play and socialize.

It is like a right of passage… 50% of puppies pick up sicknesses to include worms, coccidia giardia or some type of upper respiratory virus while in group settings. So don’t be surprised. To us, it is normal dog kennel life!

Will my dog forget me or miss me?

Dogs have some of the greatest olfactory senses on the planet. They won’t forget where they buried that bone, and they certainly won’t forget you.

Will they miss you? Well… did you miss your parents when school started? Maybe for the first five minutes and then after that? It was all Elmer’s glue and new friends. For dogs who are visiting with us, their days are full and their classmates are instant pack companions.

You will not be missed, BUT you will be a sight for sore eyes on go home day.

What will my dog do during the day… will he be kept in a cage all day?

NO dog at QK is kept in a cage all day!  We do utilize crates for requested training purpose.

Your dog will be busier than you are! From morning runs in the woods to exploring all of the scents in our spacious play yards, we keep your dog moving, stimulated and happy.

We provide “den” time between outings to allow some down time and rest. We know dogs need a combination of companionship and stimulation while also having moments to feel safe and able to relax in a space that is clean, dry, and comfortable.

Training dogs spend most of the day outside with their trainers getting patience work, manners, socialization, ATV exercise and multiple training sessions.

What time will the shuttle get here?

Pick up and drop off times will vary depending on traffic and the total number of dogs being transported. We are great communicators and we will advise when to anticipate our shuttle service within a 30 minute window.

We take the safety of the dogs in our care very seriously and we will not rush to beat the clock and put any animal or human at risk.

Can I bring some of his toys and his blanket?

Don’t you mean blankie… go ahead… say it… blankie. NO! We provide a very special bed for all our guest dogs called a Kuranda bed. Raised from the floor with a hammock-like sleeping area, dogs feel instantly supported — whether young and antsy or feeling the onset of arthritis.  It is chew resistant, safe and easy for us to clean and disinfect.

One of the scariest things for us is worrying that your dog’s kennel mate may chew his bed or fight over his toy. Or more frightful yet, a toy or bed that can be chewed or ingested is simply dangerous. And then there is the chance that it simply disappears. Your beloved dog will have lots of other things to play with including other well-behaved dogs, experienced trainers and an entire obstacle course for climbing, jumping and challenging themselves. We find that toys and blankets comfort the owners, more than their dogs… and… given our 20+ years of safely caring for dogs, we know what is best. Leave those blankies and toys at home please!

How old should my dog be for training?

The QK philosophy starts training as soon as you bring your puppy home.  From 8 weeks to 4 months, we can assist with puppy raising questions and training with Zoom with Broome, Privates Lessons with a trainer, or QK Boot Camp Seminars.

Much like the fact that pre-school begins at age 3… and not much sooner… puppy training begins at about 4 – 5 months depending upon the breed and vaccination schedule.

We offer a board and train Puppy Head Start Program

What time can I drop my dog off?

In order for us to BEST accommodate you and the intake or exit of your dog, we encourage drop off or pick up:

  • Monday to Friday 9am – 11:30am then again from 2pm – 4pm
  • Saturday and Sunday 8:30 to 11:30am ONLY, WE CLOSE AT NOON ON WEEKENDS

We understand that you may hit traffic or you may try to arrange your times to arrive around your travel schedule.

Thank you for arriving during the hours listed above!