Autumn’s New Leaf: Day Three — November 16, 2022

November 16, 2022

Today, Autumn was active in our new arena — an open-air space with a covered roof, that provides both a sense of the outdoors, while being sheltered. This space was a great location to help Autumn continue to build her confidence because with confidence comes a reduction of fear.

Working one-on-one with Sheena, Autumn was run through a series of balance-testing exercises — slat bridge, barrel. With each successful approach to these training objects, it’s possible to witness Autumn’s strength (physical and mental) return. While still understandably anxious, this kind-natured dog no longer hugs the ground, but openly explores her environment, responds to the lead and looks to her trainer for clues as to direction and the “job” to do.


In just a matter of days, we can see amazing progress and have confidence that the right family will be welcoming Autumn home in a matter of weeks.

See the full video of her journey on our youtube channel: