Autumn’s New Leaf: One Month — December 16, 2022

December 16, 2022

Autumn has been thriving over the past few weeks. She has made such wonderful progress with her confidence! She is showing significant improvement in comfort with new people, new situations, and trust in her handler. She is much more comfortable with all the aspects of grooming, such as bathing, ear cleaning, nail clipping, brushing, and restraint. In obedience she has shown a very good understanding of the leash and how it is used to communicate. On leash, with minimal communication, she is engaged with her handler and walks with a loose leash at a heel and will sit on command. She has been practicing her “Place” work and the beginning of her recall work. Once Autumn fully understands each of these obedience tasks and is showing proficiency, she will be ready to upgrade to off leash obedience.


Autumn is so appreciative of all the love you all are sending her and is EXCITED to find her forever home. 😊

See the full video of her journey on our YouTube channel: