Weight, Teeth, and Toenails: The 3 Neon Signs of Canine Health

Yup, those are the signs I talk about relentlessly when it comes to canine health. One glance at your beloved canine friend and I can tell if you love your dog more than you respect their basic health needs. Whoa,... »

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Love, Kindness and Connection with Touch

Your dog’s emotions easily mirror your own. This means that your dog reflects the emotions that you portray when you are interacting together. My clients often tell me, “my dog won’t calm down, my dog jumps, my dog is wild,... »

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I’m Changing My State

By Jennifer Broome, QK Owner First, my apologies- this title does not refer to moving from Connecticut to Florida, instead it refers to a change in physical and mental state of being.  Think for a moment how you first felt... »

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Real Dogs - Real Solutions


A note from Jackson’s owners after some time back at home: Good Morning to the staff at QK Kennels. I wanted to send a BIG thank you to Kiira for taking the time to invest in our boy. Jackson is... »

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A note from Navigator’s owner, to QK Dogs Trainer, Chris Parry:   Hi Chris! I just wanted to give you another quick update.  Gator has done spectacular over the last week.  We’ve worked hard on commands and boundaries and he... »

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Thank you Kiira and the entire QK staff.  We now have harmony and balance in our home!   It has been two weeks since Oliver, our nine month old Bernese Mountain Dog, returned home from QK’s four week boot camp... »

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Recent Achievements

CH Quinebaug’s Beastly Bailey NA Prize 1, NRD

Congratulations to Quinebaug Kennel’s bred GSP: CH Quinebaug’s Beastly Bailey NA Prize 1, NRD. Owner Diana DeJohn has worked diligently with Bailey to receive his NAVHDA Prize 1 as a puppy, as well as great times in the show ring... »

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CH Quinebaug’s Gamble on Dusseldorf RD

Breeder, owner, handler Jennifer Broome handled Doozy for her 10 single points and AKC pro handler Lori Mowery handled her for her incredible majors.  CH Quinebaug’s Gamble on Dusseldorf RD, “Doozy” is now in field trial training with Jennifer.

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DeCoverly’s Phoebe Snow JH CGC

Amy Mazurek and Phoebe her lovely DeCoverly English Setter.  Congratulations on their AKC Junior Hunt Title and CGC title as well as their NAVDHA NA Prize 1 title!  Amy trains with QK Lead Trainer Jordan Wells regularly with private lessons.

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