QK Monthly Howler – April 2021

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Separation Anxiety in Dogs

By a show of hands, who is looking forward to going back to ‘normal’? Our arm is raised sky high and we’re almost positive yours is too. From blissfully enjoying lunch with co-workers to meeting a group of friends for… »

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NEW PROGRAM: QK Excursion Dogs

The team at Quinebaug Kennels has always embraced and encouraged living life with your canine to the fullest… but we’re taking it a step further this year. Please share in our excitement as we launch our newest program, Excursion Dogs!… »

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Is My Dog Too Fat? By Dr. K.

As the staff veterinarian at QK Dogs, I have the amazing opportunity to examine some really COOL dogs on a regular basis of all different breeds – some of which I have never heard of. These dogs are owned by… »