QK Monthly Howler – August 2021

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Bringing A New Baby into a Home with Dogs

An Interview with QK Obedience Trainer Sheena McNeil by Jennifer Broome, QK Owner All kids should have a fluffy, loving and loyal dog to grow up with!  Remember the days where there were dogs loose in the neighborhood that would… »

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Why would I get pet insurance? 

By Dr. K. So…I got a new Springer Spaniel Puppy!  And guess what the first thing is that I did?  I GOT PET INSURANCE!!!! But…I’m a vet.  Why would I get pet insurance?  The answer is: because the expenses of… »

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Dog Food Storage Dangers

By Jennifer Broome, Owner, QK Dogs Many of you do the research, you ask your vet or your breeder and through due diligence you choose a food that you feel will be the healthiest choice for your beloved dog.  You… »