QK Monthly Howler – June 2019

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You Want Me To Send My Dog Away!?!

Boot camp training for dogs is an incredibly successful method to help teach basic obedience, restructure bad manners or fix behavioral problems. From puppies as young as 3 months to older dogs, the concept of sending them off to school… »

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Point of Contact Training

What is that?! Point of Contact training is the method of teaching a dog to yield to physical pressure on any spot on their body to get them to readily, willingly and ultimately follow that touch. The pressure can be… »

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Recapping our 2019 Spring Rick Smith Clinics

We recently hosted Bird Dog Hall of Famer and renowned trainer/clinician Rick Smith for the 6th-consecutive year at QK. This year we offered his 3-day Intermediate seminar followed by a 2-day Advanced Handling seminar over Mother’s Day Weekend. The weather… »