Keeping up to date, educated and competitive!

November 14, 2017

By QK Owner Jennifer Broome

We are all about learning, expanding our knowledge and offering continuing education to our employees and clients at QK. Whether we are sending trainers to mentor with fellow trainers or bringing in specialists to further educate us about dog care, nutrition and wellness, we are eager to learn and grow. This only helps us get better and provide even better services for you and your canine friends.

Our Senior Kennel Care and Wellness Manager Kara Ames (now Sykes, congratulations on recent marriage!) along with our Animal Wellness and Veterinary Technician Colleen Collier are both currently in Hersey Pennsylvania attending the 2017 Pet Boarding Expo. These yearly expositions offer a variety of classes, certifications and workshops within the pet boarding industry. Kara and Colleen just completed day 1 and they will be writing some upcoming articles to share what they have learned. We are especially eager to learn about any new health protocols out there in order to help maintain happy, healthy facilities. Colleen and Kara and splitting up at this event in order to take separate workshops to make the most of their time and bring back as many new ideas as they can. Additionally, these shows often display some of the latest and greatest new gadgets, technology, and animal products that we will be happy to share.

Best wishes Kara and Colleen! Super proud of my QK Team always wanting to learn and grow.

Colleen and Kara with the QK Transit Shuttle in PA at the Expo