Maybe he should visit with his second family for a bit.

March 16, 2020


Hello friends,

This isn’t post telling you how clean our place is. It was spotless before this virus, and it will be spotless again, in the better days ahead.

We’re writing because clients are calling and asking for advice.Some are not getting flights home, others are expecting national guard deployment. The heroes in the frontline of healthcare, EMS and first responders know that there are long days ahead — everyone is asking for help with a plan.

Whatever is at the heart of your anxiety, we know it’s a difficult right now to determine what’s best for your entire family — including your beloved dog.

Here’s what we suggest:

1. Have your options open — if you think you **may need to board your dog, make sure vaccinations are up to date and in compliance with our healthy guidelines — (

Call us to talk about your potential timing and so we are aware of space needs.

2. If your dog is here and needs to stay — don’t worry, he is having an amazing time and will continue to do so. Call and update us about your change of plans and we will pour on some extra love to reduce anxiety… in you. We will send more photos and provide any treats that you request.

3. Stay informed about CDC guidelines — most, but not all, are suggesting that dogs be kept away from those working through the COVID symptoms because there is so much we don’t know about this animal-based contagion. Do your research and consider your options, especially if you are a sole owner.

4. Work with us on keeping social distance and understand that we will be accepting dogs using our in-house collars and leashes, and doing transfers at cars/curbsides for a bit, to reduce exposure on all sides.

Have questions? We all do… but we will do our best to answer what we can. Please call or email at any time and together, we will get through the next few weeks as healthy as possible.

For the love of dogs, respectfully, Jennifer Broome