My Dog is SO Bad!

December 8, 2020

By Jennifer Broome, the QK owner

My Dog is SO Bad!

I often hear clients telling me all of their dog’s bad habits and behavioral issues. They tell me their dog jumps on people, he chews everything in the house, he barks nonstop, he nips at me, he steals food from the table, he jumps on the counters, he digs holes, he pulls on the leash, he doesn’t listen, and the list goes on.

I listen to these detailed complaints about how bad the dog is, but then my question to the client is “Well, what does your dog know?  What education or Foundation training have you taught him so that you can direct your dog to do good behaviors, not just yell at him because he is doing bad things?”

Let us think about destructive behaviors like chewing, digging, scratching at doors, destroying your home, etc. These are often signs of a bored or an under-exercised dog. Simple crate training can teach your dog ‘forced’ down time in safe space so that he can learn how to relax and engage his patience and acceptance of confinement.  Most dogs sleep 16 to 18 hours a day, why not have him in a safe space to rest?  His ONLY job is to engage his ‘off’ switch and chillax! How bad can it be!?

All dog’s like a job!  If your dog’s brain is not engaged with mental exercise, then those destructive behaviors rear their ugly heads. Your dog is bored and he decides to: guard your home, bark at every noise, over react to stimulus, dig, chew, etc.

What have you actually taught your dog?  No different like when we went to school to learn our ABC’s, numbers, and our basic education, your dog also needs an education.  At QK we teach all of our dog’s obedience basics that include leash work to come to us, go to a place, walk with us, and be still.  These four concepts are the basic commands that make up our Foundation program!

The secret recipe for a well-behaved, happy, healthy and stable dog is one that accepts confinement and forced down time, a dog that gets adequate exercise based on their breed requirements and energy level, and lastly and most importantly, a dog that has been diligently taught obedience work in order to engage their brains to make them think, problem solve and work which mentally satiates their need to have a job.

Let us help you with your dog!