NEW PROGRAM: QK Excursion Dogs

April 9, 2021

The team at Quinebaug Kennels has always embraced and encouraged living life with your canine to the fullest… but we’re taking it a step further this year. Please share in our excitement as we launch our newest program, Excursion Dogs! Our newest adventure awaits, and so does yours…

Over the past year, we found ourselves frequently asking, ‘is this really happening’? Unpredictable and chaotic, both personally and professionally, COVID presented challenge after challenge for most. The global pandemic undoubtedly impacted humanity unlike anything before, but it wasn’t all negative. In fact, it actually left many of us with a newfound urge to travel, explore and experience the outdoors like never before. With massive shifts in lifestyle, both canine and human, we were given a beautiful opportunity to shift gears with a refreshed, energized mindset geared towards adventure.

When the world as we know it stopped functioning ‘normally’, it seemed that the entertainment provided by flat screen TV’s and gaming consoles quickly became lackluster and people craved something more… simply, to EXPLORE!

RV, ATV, and boat sales exploded while bikes, kayaks and paddleboards were suddenly hard to find. Social media accounts were flush with photos of family hikes, first time paddles and general nature-appreciation posts.

The beautiful silver lining of the pandemic was that

the world fell in love with the outdoors again.

In addition, and what has been our favorite COVID-19 observation, is that many families also decided to embrace the opportunity that the ‘stay home’ philosophy provided them and added a new member to their pack – whether that was a puppy, a rescue dog, a re-homed dog, etc. The friendships of our beloved dogs blossomed and nurturing the canine-human relationship became of the utmost priority.

The last year has been a tumultuous one, to say the least, but it truly provided many with a new motivation to prioritize self-care, embrace travel and be humbled at the chance to spend time in the precious outdoors with family, friends and loyal canine companions!

Since our founding in 2000, QK’s motto has held firm:




With an increasing need for the program and with many hours of reflection, restructuring and renovation of even the smallest of details, we are proud to announce the launch of our QK Excursion Dog Program in April of 2021!

If you are wondering what an ‘Excursion Dog’ is… In short, this is the most incredible dog you could possibly own! A canine companion that can be your constant shadow, sidekick and partner for all of your outdoor activities.

Dogs are not meant to be overweight, sedentary and housebound. They crave and deserve mental stimulation and exercise just as much as we do. Imagine yourself in your dog’s paws: stuck inside, trapped in fenced yards, confined to a leash, having to watch people come and go while you have to stay behind.

When dogs are bored, confined and under-exercised, they also are more inclined to promote themselves in their canine ‘careers’ as Police (guarding your yard), Security (barking at every noise), Track Stars (running off), Exterminators (chasing squirrels)… the list of employment opportunities for your canine is endless… so why not give your dog a GOOD job?

A dog’s most cherished wish is to be loved by YOU, and this includes going on adventures by your side! To be included in your human pack is the greatest treat you can give them. Give your dog that gift… to use their incredibly fine-tuned senses to smell, problem-solve and roam in the great outdoors with you, their forever best friend. Give them the job of Bicycle Buddy, Camping Companion, Kayak K9, Hiking Hound, Brewery Tour Adventurist and more. Give yourself and your dog a gift that will be used month after month, for many amazing years to come!

The NEW QK Excursion Dog Program will be accepting and enrolling QK Off-Leash Graduates to earn K9 Merit Badges in a variety of outdoor activities. This program is intended for dogs who have already gone through our 4-week off-leash program and their owners have upheld training so that their dogs are reliable off leash and well socialized. In order to take your dog to the next level, we need to rely on that off-leash training to take your dog on paddleboard adventures, mountain biking treks, pack hikes and even campfire Kumbaya time.

QK Owner & Dog Expert, Jennifer Broome (and Owner of Jennifer Broome Outdoors) will be leading this incredible program. Training adventures include (but are not limited to) camping, horseback riding, boating, kayaking, paddleboarding, hiking, mountain biking… and oh, can’t forget New England Brewery or Winery Tours!

Excursion Dogs will be accepting limited enrollments to start, and each program will be customized to the owner’s wishes in choosing outdoor adventure training. Duration of programs are based on goals and each dog’s capabilities but typically range from four to six weeks. To learn more, visit or call 860-546-2116 for more information. Your greatest canine adventure awaits, embrace it in Spring of 2021 and get your pup ‘Excursion Dog’ badged!