New Puppy Program at QK Dogs a tail wagging success!

July 6, 2017

By Jennifer Broome, QK Owner

On June 1st we started our new 2 week puppy camp. We are now enrolling pups 13 weeks to 6 months (with the appropriate vaccines) into our obedience or gun dog camp for this interactive, fun filled and life lesson program. Pups stay with us for 2 entire weeks learning crate training skills, patience while confined, tolerating touch and accepting handling all over along with lots of leash walking. Through basic point of contact leash skills pups can conquer our challenge course to learn how to crawl under, threw, and over obstacles to build their confidence. This early leash training has been a key to getting rid of their refusal, fear, anxiety, or resistance to simply walk confidently and politely with us by our side. We use patience, persistence and repetition to teach the pups to follow the leash guidance rather than fight, freeze or flight while on leash.

We only enroll 6 pups every 2 weeks which allows us a lot of individual training time and pups enjoy their own ‘private’ pack to learn important socialization skills though playing, rough housing with other pups, exercising and pack mentality. We will also have them interact with adolescent and safe adult dogs which again teach pups important life lessons to respect other dog’s space and social hierarchy.

While their days are filled with life skills to accept patience work, play, training and exercise, they are individually crated at night and we check on them at bed time about 10 pm for last let outs. They quickly fall into the schedule and we are able to accomplish superb puppy rearing skills that enable these pups to get a wonderful head start on life!

After this initial course, pups 6 months and up can return for our 4 to 6 week courses for obedience, off leash skills or gun dog training. We have found that starting earlier to get pups accustomed to time away from family and familiarity helps them adapt better to future stressors, they quickly learn to LOVE Quinebaug Kennels because they have so much fun and are eager to return. Additionally, this head start program helps the owners learn important puppy rearing skills, become better owners and leaders to their pups, and we become an expert resource for you. Having your dog LOVE to spend time at QK means you can have a better piece of mind traveling in the future knowing that there is a safe, positive environment to train and house your dog.

This puppy head start does just that, gets the pups a wonderful boost to begin the learning process. We want puppies to enjoy puppyhood up until about 6 months, so their lives should be full of social time, play, rules, manners and basic skills to walk politely on leash. After 6 months pups have the attention span and maturity to learn more advanced skills such as healing on leash, more structured and challenging obedience, and the leash work can get overlaid to the remote electronic collar training. This training allows pups to enjoy the freedom to really run and work off leash, yet you have the peace of mind that you have a great foundation of obedience to enforce heal, sit, down, stay, here or go to a place.

Here’s what clients are saying:

“Excellent, compassionate and result orientated place where all have an obvious big heart. My lovely little 3 month old Brittany just finished 2 week puppy camp. Yes… we missed her but this was a great investment which will pay off in spades over her foreseeable 12 year life time. A well behaved puppy/dog will go places with us and have tons of fun. She arrived confused (as were we). Departed confident, brave and ready to be led by us as pack leaders. We learned lots to keep her on her path.”

We enroll every 2 weeks and currently have a waiting list until August.

Call us to book a spot for your new puppy!