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Boot Camp

Our in house camp where dogs stay with us to get a comprehensive education on daily tasks from kenneling and feeding to socializing, handling and training in a consistent, repetitious and methodical approach in order to teach, create and maintain structure.
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Dog Grooming

Your dog's coat is a reflection of their health, wellness and happiness. Let our expert groomers go over your dog from nose to tail to assist with improving their coat health through diet, supplements, proper bathing, brushing and coat care. Plus, we'll just help them smell better!
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Gun Dog Training

It is all about the Foundation training.... GO, STOP and COME WITH ME. Once this is mastered on leash and with light cues, the bird work and field portion is fun and easy!
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Obedience Training

"Do you know what GOOD dogs get to do? They get to GO PLACES! They have a better life because people want to be around them!" —Rick Smith
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PAQK Bootcamp

PAQK Bootcamp - Dogs of All Ages
Spend a day with us.
Get the dog you want to love
Six dates starting in April