Intense Dog Boot Camp Training Program

For owners who simply lack the time, experience, patience or have difficulty in accomplishing basic manners and obedience or find themselves overwhelmed by their dog’s current behavior, we offer Boot Camp.

Please Note! Basic Obedience Training on or off leash does NOT include behavior modification. If your dog has issues including aggression, extreme fear, unstable reactions and more, please call to discuss your dog’s problems. We will help work out a customized behavior modification and rehabilitation program.

This intense training program lasts between 2 and 6 weeks depending on your dog’s needs. Dogs stay with us during this time, are exercised daily, and trained individually by our pro staff using our precise timing, corrections and praise, enabling dogs to learn proper manners, respect and obedience. We especially provide all types of distractions to simulate real world situations!

This time away from their families allows us to remove the dogs from an environment that have enabled and promoted their unwanted behaviors and provides a new setting to focus on structure, discipline to teach proper obedience, using fair, consistent techniques.

The two week program is an on-leash only program teaching dogs how to walk politely and correctly at heel on leash. We focus manners and on-leash obedience to include heel, sit, down, come to heel and go to a place. Our secret weapon is our highly difficult dog obstacle course that teaches the dogs how to learn! They must focus, face their fears, and try. In this setting we get to see their fight, freeze or flight behaviors, and with diligence and patience we teach them how to follow leash guidance to face adversity with willingness, politeness, AND ultimately lightness!

The electronic collar off-leash program is our most popular and successful program.

This course covers the above on-leash program but then we take two to four more weeks to condition the dogs with patient and repetitive techniques teaching the dog to fully understand the reinforcement of well-timed e collar stimulation. The e collar uses mild cues to motivate the dog to increase his compulsion to do the commands. It is done after the leash work because the contact pressure of the e collar replaces the light pressure previously used by the leash. It becomes a very easy transition for the dogs to understand. Collar reinforcement is properly used in each case as low or tough as needed in order to motivate that individual dog, just like you would have tugged on the leash. Quickly, the dogs respond to the commands only and avoid stimulation altogether. Simply stated, dogs learn to control their own destiny and behave obediently and quickly to their owners! The e collar is simply a very useful tool to cue your dog off leash.

Dogs enjoy the benefits of this course as they have more freedom to romp and play off leash yet the owners are thrilled and have the peace of mind that they can reinforce their commands with immediate and positive results!

 Obedience Behavior Modification Assessment