We call it Play Care!

Our dog day care program is very popular! If your dog is lacking in exercise, interactions with other dogs, or just needs a change of scenery to get out of the house, we are here to help.

We provide an entire day of exercise, romping with playmates, kiddie swimming pools, and special care that is sure to fulfill your dog and send him home exhausted. We can cater to your geriatric dog with hand walking and a special calm, relaxing playmate as well as your wild child that needs to burn energy. For the highly active dogs, we use our land treadmill and our atv roading rig to safely and securely allow your dog to enjoy structured endurance exercise. Dogs absolutely LOVE the Atv!

In addition, we can provide a one-on-one obedience lesson for 30 minutes to sharpen their skills and further work their minds.

A tired dog is a happy dog is a DIRTY DOG! We like to say the dirtier they got playing, the more fun they had. We are happy to offer quick kennel baths or more luxurious spa treatments by our professional groomer.

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