Welcome to our PaQK!

We offer the PlayCare+ program Monday through Friday.

What does a day at Playcare Plus entail!!?? 

A playday in the country at New England’s Premier Canine Campus! Dogs spend several hours of their day outside in the large play yards, our woodland trails, or our challenging obstacle course. 

Dogs will start their day with playtime and exercise. Throughout the day they will get patience work and individual one-on-one leash work with our PaQK Leaders.  What do these sessions entail? Walking lightly and politely on leash, obedience around other dogs and distractions, leash recall (come command), and the all-important “Go to Bed, Lie Down.” 

In the afternoon, more exercise and playtime before they leave to go home.

And a BONUS, regular nail maintenance is included.

The cost per day, per dog is $55.

If you (and your dog) are ready for a change of scene, please complete a PlayCare+ Obedience and Behavior Assessment  to get started!

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Please inquire about additional services offered but not included:

  • Full Service Grooming  by our experienced groomers (full trims, clips, nails, ears, bath, blow-dry)
  • Water Treadmill sessions for the dogs that need even extra work or those geriatric dogs that need a soothing aqua therapy session to loosen their muscles and soothe their joints
  • Veterinary Services for vaccine updates and wellness exams 
  • Retail sales of food/bones/toys brought to your door (with Shuttle service package)