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We are your go-to source for canine care, exercise, nutrition, training, and wellness. Our expert staff can evaluate your dog’s personality and implement training and exercise regimes individual to your dog’s needs.  We believe that a tired, trained dog is a happy dog! Let us burn the energy out of your ‘fire-breathing canine dragon’ with exercise and play time, provide safe and important socialization to your young puppy, coddle and care for your small dog’s desires or hand walk and massage your geriatric friend. Once a client walks through our door, we care for their pets like they are our own. Clients come to QK because they know that their dogs will have fun and be well cared for. As we continue to grow and add more experts to our staff, we will be able to offer the best in physical therapy and rehabilitation care, we will offer interactive canine fitness classes, we will provide wellness clinics and informational lectures, and we will promise to keep up with the latest and greatest services when it comes to caring for your beloved canine.

QK Dogs strives to provide the best experience for all our canine guests.

Dogs are social pack animals, and many prefer to be with a companion!

Your dog may already have an old friend on campus or can be paired with a personality appropriate guest match to share accommodations.

Shared/Double housed dogs are separated at all feedings for privacy and safety.

Occasionally, it may be necessary to move a dog to SINGLE Occupant status during their stay if in best interest of the dog(s).  If so, the SINGLE Occupant rate will apply.

SINGLE Occupant:

For dogs which MUST be housed alone and first-time guests.  For example: mature intact males, older geriatric dogs, grouchy/assertive dogs, socially challenged dogs that continually bother bunkmates and dogs that may have a physical issue.


For dogs that are members of same household, and socially compatible dogs with owner written consent.

From radiant-heated floors to multiple HVAC zones to special small dog and puppy rooms to a state-of-the-art Canine Fitness, Rehab and Aqua Therapy Room and a new retail area, this dream building, The Lodge,  has been years in the making and is now open!

The Lodge:

New facility and services include an isolated puppy room for puppies under 6 months old to safely romp and play in daycare, a new small dog room specially designed for the safety and security of our petittwo dogs drinking water outsidee canine guests and four separate boarding areas that help to divide dogs into quadrants that will provide maximum comfort, safety and security.  Each boarding run offers a door to an outside run, and multiple runs join to group play yards, allowing for social time and play among similar personalities, activity levels, and age.  New expert groomers are on staff and are working in a new, private grooming room.  Four different HVAC zones accommodate the boarders’ comfort and safety.  Best of all, The Lodge features a new fitness, aqua therapy and laser treatment room for the canine athlete, geriatric dog, and physical therapy needs.

portrait of dog in waterOur outdoor kennel complex was finished in the Fall of 2004.  This classy timber framed structure offers 20-foot exercise runs, each complete with Igloo dog house. It offers a wonderful opportunity for multiple dogs to enjoy the fresh air yet provides shelter within a safe enclosure. We cater to each of our boarder’s needs.

Our young, healthy athletic dogs enjoy romping, wrestling and running all day. We try to match each dog’s needs to an environment that will offer a safe and comfortable stay. Besides our two separate building structures with indoor/outdoor dog runs and our timber framed outdoor covered kennel, we also offer 3 great open air outdoor fenced in play yards!   Every day (weather permitting) all of our boarders get to romp and play outside.  The reason for three play yards?  Not all dogs love to interact!  We tend to have a younger, more boisterous pack of teenagers that love to jump, hump, run, chase, dig dogs playing outdoorsand play all day.  Then we have the mature dogs, happy to enjoy shorter spurts of play, cuddling, and social time.  The last run we often split up and offer our geriatric dogs time to bask in the sun, dream, and walk around aimlessly to their content without being bothered by the youngins.  Once they are done, we will use the yard to let those naughty, non-social dogs that may have behavioral issues spend a bit of soul searching time to be alone, however, we would MUCH prefer that they go through our boot camp and learn how to be stable, safer, social members of a pack.  No fun to be isolated and not necessary if the ‘criminal’ can be taught rules, structure, manners and social skills!

Besides the fenced in play yards, we also encourage that most of our dogs get to enjoy the pack atv experience.  We safely harness 4 dogs at a time, carefully matching their fitness and energy level with each group, to enjoy strolls throughout our woodland 1/2 mile trail.  While this may scare some owners, once they see it is an action they LOVE it!  We have custom built outriggers, 4 bars per atv, and the dogs are fitted to custom harnesses at a distance so that they remain a safe distance from dog rolling in grassthe atv tires.  We typically cruise along at a pace of a mere 4 to 5 mph (usually a swift trot) for our active dogs.  Older or less fit dogs go at a walk, fast walk or slow trot.  If at any time a dog seems too tired, scared, or insecure, we radio another team member and that dog is taken back to a play yard.  While the dogs often need a trip or two to learn the atv skill, once they get the hang of it, it becomes an obsession!  With their harnesses, they would prefer to pull the atv themselves they love the workout and exercise so much.  Don’t believe us, please come and watch it in action!

Concerned about your special needs canine? No problem–we will gladly hand walk older dogs or provide specific care to shy, young, small or timid dogs that prefer less activity.

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