Grooming Services

Our experienced groomers will take great care of your dog from a holistic perspective, sharing expertise and knowledge on your dog’s coat, skin, nail and tooth care. Our skilled groomers can suggest diet, supplements and coat care products to keep your dog looking, feeling and smelling good until the next time you visit!

We know that a dog bath is just not a bath, it is a process that must be done thoroughly and properly, starting with the right shampoo and conditioner, to a rinse, rinse more and rinse again followed by a good high powered blow dryer to remove dead skin and completely dry the coat.

Quinebaug Kennels grooming services vary, and take into account the needs of individual breeds, family pets, and competition show dogs. Our groomers have experience with conditions such as ear sensitivities, hot spot issues, and allergies.

Overall, we strive to keep our dogs clean, so when the dogs in our kennel have too much fun romping and playing while boarding or training, our skilled kennel care staff will individually wash each dog to best keep them happy and healthy.
Because that’s what really matters most, right?

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