Good Dogs Get To Go Places

“A well-trained, sociable and confident dog is a joy to be around.”

From running alongside while you horseback ride, to watching your four-legged best-friend’s ears fly in the wind as you cruise along the ponds and bays in your motorboat, this Excursion Dog is your side-kick companion, partner-in-crime, and loyal outdoor friend!

“Swam it, jumped it, ran it, cycled it, trekked it, crossed it, rode it… LOVED IT!”

The excursion aspect of training teaches the dog to be comfortable, confident and experienced for specific outdoor activities.

  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Camping
  • Snowshoeing
  • ATVing
  • Swimming
  • Kayaking/Canoeing/Boating
  • Paddleboarding

… or even chillaxin at your favorite BBQ or Brewery with friends!

Each program is customized based on what activities you enjoy and what your goals are with your dog. This program is intended for dogs who have already gone through our 4-week off-leash program and their owners have upheld training to ensure their dogs are reliable off leash and well socialized.

Ode to the Excursion Dog 

Explore, explore, sniff, sniff, seek
What do you want out of an ‘excursion’ dog, so to speak?

Climb, climb, up the mountain we go
Get to the summit and see what’s below

Push, push, pump, the wheels keep spinning,
Alongside your tires, both pup and peddler, endlessly winning

Row, row, its time to glide
In the kayak or canoe, along for the ride

Sit, sit, patiently wait as the line is cast
Who knew you could catch a fish so very fast

Paddle, paddle, soaring over the water so smooth
Poised on the board, not making a move

Run, run, feel the ground under your feet
How far can you go, what distance will you beat

Swim, swim, oh so refreshing,
Frolicking in the water is such a blessing

Hunt, hunt, from geocache to game
Find the treasure, like a moth to flame

Sleep, sleep, its time to rest and relax,
In a tent under the stars, a recharge to the max

Adventure, adventure, it awaits don’t you know
with your canine companion always in tow

Train, train, your dog to explore
because it’s time for outdoor experiences galore

QK, QK, we’re here to assist
because life with an Excursion Dog is a true gift

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