Our rehabilitation program is still in the works!

We are currently seeking a CCRT (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist) to join our Team! What is a CCRT? This profession is directed at evaluating, restoring and maintaining a dog’s physical function and movement. Working with the owner, veterinarian and often other healthcare professionals, a rehabilitation practitioner helps your animal to achieve and maintain optimal health and well-being. Equipped with a specialized education and extensive experience, CCRTs/CCRPs are able to assess and treat movement and function.

In order to practice canine rehabilitation, a person must be a veterinarian, certified veterinary technician, physical therapist, or physical therapist assistant.

Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation are recognized sciences applied to both humans and animals. The goals of therapy are to relieve pain, restore range of motion/movement, improve function, prevent injuries and expand the physical potential of the patient.
In the meantime….we offer our Hydrotherapy Workouts with a prescription or referral from your veterinarian if we are assisting your dog after injury or surgery.  We also offer the water workouts as great exercise for all of our boarding or training dogs, as well as clients interested in helping with weight loss for the canines or to assist with better movement, range of motion and mobility for their aging dogs.

How AquaPaws works:

The ability to control the velocity of the current and the water level means that AquaPaws is suitable for all therapy workouts.  The resistance of a slow current will result in an effectivelow impact exercise session for seniors or recovering animals; a swifter current can exhaust even the most energetic canine athlete during fitness sessions.  The water buoyancy and warm temperature increase flexibility, improve circulation and ease pain during the water treadmill workouts.  The cumulative effect is greater psychological security and a willingness to perform exercises – thus, rehabilitation for dogs is accomplished faster and better with AquaPaws by Hudson Aquatics.

  • Build better muscles
  • Build up endurance
  • Improve overall fitness
  • Rehabilitate after injury or surgeries
  • Weight loss