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Physical & Mental Fitness

Your dog hasn’t hunted in a year. It’s had a lazy summer and is a little bit out of shape. Okay, let’s face it, he is VERY out of shape physically and mentally.  Friends and family have thrown toys all year for him and he has been able to break, play keep away and be rough on the retrieves.

Have you even picked up your gun all year or practiced?

Have you done any drills with your dog?

German Shorthair Pointer on point in field, early a.m., October;

German Shorthair Pointer on point in field, early a.m., October;

Our Pre-Season Tune-Up program will get your field companion physically fit, we will monitor his diet and increase his exercise for endurance and strength training.  This not only helps your dog readjust back into field work, our controlled exercise programs may help to avoid career ending injuries by slowly, daily working on physical fitness.  Our experienced field dog trainers will revisit that all-important leash foundation obedience work and remind your field dog that hunting is a team effort.
We’ll refresh his obedience and control in the field to increase partnership between you and your dog.  We will drill him on lots of pen raised pigeons to regain steadiness lost after a summer of fun and lack of rules.  We will work him on quail and chukkar partridge to get his head back in the game and we will be prepared to teach, enforce and reinforce the simple rules of go, stop and come in the field all in training situations.  All of this can be done in yard work first to solidify and practice previously taught foundation skills.  Once this is accomplished, we head back out into the field to put it all together.  Our gun dog refresher courses are a great way to get your dog’s body and mind prepared for opening day.  Upon pick up, join us for a refresher field handling lesson to practice your own skills and regain that harmonious field partnership.

We offer weekly training packages based on your requests and your goals.  We can visit upland work and water work (weather permitting) to prepare you and your hunting companion for the upcoming season and hunting trips.

We also offer additional discounted fitness packages with our Aqua therapy underwater treadmill which offers great low impact, higher resistance water training great for increased fitness as well as lower stress and easier on the joints for those out of shape or old time canine field companions.

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