Meet our Trainers

Jennifer Broome

Jennifer Broome, the owner of Quinebaug Kennels, has spent the past twenty years training dogs professionally. She offers private lessons to dog owners who wish to better understand their dog in order to become a more effective leader. Jennifer quickly evaluates each dog’s particular personality, temperament, and motivation to train that dog more successfully. She explains canine psychology, how your dog thinks, what drives him, and which methods may be most efficient for each dog. Private lessons adapt to each owner’s lifestyle and particular goals for their dogs, whether it is for puppy training, obedience, or gun dog training.
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Chris Parry

QK Assistant Gun Dog Trainer

Chris’s love for the outdoors started when he was young. He grew up fishing for trout and striped bass along the southern Rhode Island fisheries. Chris got into hunting in his teens and grew fond of chasing whitetails in the fall and Canadian Geese in the winter.  It wasn’t until he brought home his first dog, a Birch Hill Brittany named River that he found his real passion…gun dogs and upland hunting.  Read More…

Jessica Velasquez

QK Obedience Trainer

Jessica, a valued member of our family is currently on leave, welcoming a new member of her family.  We wish all a happy and healthy new arrival and look forward to Jessica returning following her leave. 

Jessica Velasquez has had a passion for dogs ever since she could walk. She grew up with an Austrian Shepard/ chow mix where her love for rescue and shelter dogs began. As an adult, she moved to Texas and adopted Harley, a Catahoula mix who then became her ESA and that’s where her love for training started to flourish. Jessica started watching dog training videos and attending training classes in Texas. She then had an opportunity to move back to Connecticut and work at QK.  Read more…



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