Puppy Head Start Training  (3 week program)

Learn how to create and nurture good behavior from the start!

This is NOT a basic behavior class at the local pet store. This comprehensive board and train program will teach you how to be the best leader you can be with your puppy.

We see way too many unsocialized, aggressive, spoiled, and problem behavior dogs. Let’s avoid this all and train your puppy properly from the start!

Our Puppy Head Start Training Program is for Pets, Companion and Family Dogs for Puppies 4-6 months, dependent on the completion of their vaccine schedule.

Manners, Socialization & Owner Leadership

We encourage puppy training to first-time dog owners or for those just looking to avoid problem behaviors before they arise.

Our puppy head start program stress manners, socialization, and owner leadership roles as well as providing complete insight on crate training, house breaking, chewing, biting, and plenty of tips about feeding, care, and preferred toys that will get your new puppy off to a safe and happy start.

 Puppy Head Start Curriculum 

  • Introduction to pack behavior and socialization
  • Introduction to basic obedience GO-STOP-COME on the leash
  • Leash work over obstacles to help get rid of resistance (I will not walk, I cannot do it, I won’t try, and I’ll just pull) which later can come out as flight, freeze or fight behaviors
  • Desensitization to handling, table work, able to accept touch all over while being still, AND introduction to nail maintenance
  • Introduction to Patience Line with the pack and Figure 8. This process teaches patience, corrects barking behavior, and encourages calmness

What Does This Program Teach Your Puppy?

We find that too many people lack the time, access to open spaces, and availability to socialize their pups to safe dogs in order for them to get a proper start. You may have the very best intentions, but when you miss out on these all important training tasks for the first few months you bring the pup home, you may NEVER be able to fix that pup! Too many people start their pup training too late. By 4 to 6 months your pup has already missed out on essential training and early development.

Our Head Start Program will provide introductions to lots of new stimulations, other balanced/stable dog and pups, how to act like a pack animal, and how to handle pressure in order to eliminate future handling or aggression problems. This program will cover these critical training steps to spark your pup’s natural genetics and prepare them for future training in the right direction, whether that is a beloved family companion or future therapy or working dog!

Additionally, our Puppy Head Start Training Program will prepare your pup for our future obedience programs, foundation training, and our further advanced training offerings.

Need Your Pup Crate and House Trained?

Our puppy training nurtures youngsters to be calm, patient and well behaved in their crates.  This quiet ‘down’ time can teach them how to hold their bladder and bowels, and wait to be hand walked in order to eliminate.  Teaching a pup true house breaking skills is a process.  The way to begin is with the crate and a strict schedule.

We NEVER expect puppies to ring a bell, bark or ask to go outside!  That only puts THEM in charge!  It is our job as their leader to have them on a schedule that enables them time to rest, play, eat, drink, eliminate, and repeat.

Additionally, it is natural and normal for a 2-month pup to urinate every 20 minutes, a 3 month pup every 30 minutes, a 4 month pup every 40 minutes.  The RULE of 10. Multiply their age in months by 10 and that is the duration that an active, awake puppy will naturally urinate.  Typically, with due diligence, a good schedule for walks to eliminate and exercise, play time, and proper rest time the process is easy to understand.  The crate training added to their schedule teaches them to ‘hold it’ and sleep, so we can usually have them sleeping an 8 hour night.  By being proactive, you can take them outside before that time is up and easily beat the odds that you can eliminate indoor peeing or pooping.  It is NOT an accident, it is an incident and when you realize their schedule and how it works, your proactive approach will allow them to be mostly house trained by 6 months of age.  Of course, at 6 months they STILL need to be let out every hour!

“Housebreaking” cannot be accomplished in a kennel environment, as explained above, we teach the crate acclimating process.  The crate provides the safe den.  Once your pup is under close supervision in your home, is is your job to let pup outside to eliminate regularly, based on their age.

YES, puppies are a lot of work!

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