About QK Dogs and Puppies

Jennifer Broome has been passionate about dogs her entire life. For 25 years Jennifer has worked with shelter and rescue dogs as well as dogs from extremely responsible and reputable breeders. To put it plain and simple, Jennifer loves dogs, and she makes it her mission to help dogs find the right families, and to help families find the right dogs! Her success speaks for itself with all of her glowing testimonials!

Jennifer’s many years of hands-on training and interactions with hundreds upon hundreds of dogs from mixed breeds to purebred working dogs has given her a wealth of knowledge and information about the specific temperaments, reactivity levels, tolerances to pressure and stimulus, recoverability, and overall behaviors of dogs. Jennifer utilizes her experiences to evaluate each dog breed or mixed breed to help best match the energy, intelligence, work ethic and trainability level to each family.

Dogs should not be judged on looks. It is important to have a clear understanding of the history of each breed in order to understand and even predict their behaviors. A visit to QK to interact with the trainers and watch them work a variety of dog breeds will give a quick and clear assessment to teach new owners about the many breeds and mixes out there, from herding dogs to guard dogs, fighting dogs, retrievers, field dogs, ratters, lap dogs and companion dogs.

For instance, Google French Bulldogs. Oh my goodness are they CUTE! Scrunchie face, bat ears, powerful muscled body! Who wouldn’t want one? But how many have you met, handled and been around? They originated from a mix of ratters (vermin hunters) and bulldogs. On one hand they are cute, compact, smart, and comical. But, did you know they have a tremendous underbite and often have dental issues. They are plagued with a variety of health issues from hip dysplasia and spinal issues, allergies, an extensive variety of eye AND breathing issues, deafness, tracheal collapse, heat stress, heart issues, patellar luxation, Von Willebrand’s diseases, thyroid issues. So if you are still set on this breed, it is imperative to buy from a reputable breeder, NOT a pet store or back yard breeder. A reputable breeder will spend thousands of dollars on genetic testing for their breeding dogs to avoid many of these health issues. But, these dog can only give birth by C section, and typically average only 3 or 4 pups per litter. So a well-bred pup often sells for over $4000. That price may seem steep, but finding a back bred ‘deal’ often means thousands later in health issues. On top of the health issues, they have the toughness of a bulldog, they are stubborn, headstrong, and require a lot of exercise, they are mouthy, and difficult to house train. Experienced dog owners can produce incredibly well behaved, wonderful Frenchies! Sadly, we all too often experience the opposite. We see pups that lacked early owner Leadership, socialization, manners and training and they do not thrive well in these types of homes. They easily become aggressive and reactive little monsters!

March, 2020: Introducing QK’s SEVEN ARFS! During the rare window of time when our campus had limited access due to COVID-19, we partnered with the region’s leading breeders to welcome these seven, happy puppies into our training programs. Over the following weeks, we worked with these 6 boys (black labs) and 1 girl (the yellow) to be lifetime companions and working dogs for loving families.

These are smart, athletic, field-bred Labrador Retrievers that ended up being placed in active sporting homes where they can exercise, work, hunt, swim and love life!

“Ellie” found her “FURever” home with a loving family of four in Vermont! Ellie’s work at QK fine-tuned her obedience training and learned how to shed hunt. Shed hunting is where a dog uses their Retriever instincts to find and retrieve antlers that have been shed by the deer. (Fun fact: a male deer’s antler fall off every year during the winter and then grow back in the spring.)

Meet “Panda” who is the youngest of the 7 Arfs. Panda, due to his young age, lived in the home of QK Dogs Owners, Jennifer & Jason to get some extra one-on-one attention – he learned how to be on his best behavior in the house! Panda spent his days with Jennifer training at the kennel and had a great start to his obedience foundation. While Panda is a loving and sweet young puppy, he also has that “inner beast” and the bird drive to go along with it. He will need an active and outdoor orientated home to make the most of his skills as a field-bred Retriever.
UPDATE: Panda trained in the QK Gun Dog Program with Jennifer from March 2020 through the end of October.  He completed his leash and obedience work, his e collar conditioning, fetch training, upland bird hunting, pile and double t, swim by and field retrieves.  He went wild bird hunting in Michigan with Jennifer flushing and retrieving his first grouse and woodcock in October.  He went to his new family to enjoy a future as a beloved companion, duck hunting and upland hunting dog November 1st, 2020.

Meet five-month-old Pelancy. She was here with her brother, Pharmer, and the other 5 that made up the 7Arfs. Pelancy came from incredible bloodlines to include NAFC FC AFC Cody Cut A Lean Grade as well as many other FCs and AFCs, HRCHs and Master Hunters. Her genetics were evident as she loves to retrieve, chase birds and she is incredibly smart and willing. Pelancy is being carefully and methodically trained to be a future best friend and hunting companion. By September she will be ready to upland bird and duck hunt with a solid Foundation of obedience, off leash work, fetch training and plenty of bird work.
UPDATE: Now named “Sandy” she went to her new home in September 2020 and not only has she been rocking it on pheasants with her new owners, she was also in their recent wedding in Vermont.  Happy girl, happy owners!

Available Dogs and Puppies

Name: Buster and Icey

8-year-old chocolate lab, female, spayed and 6-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog, male, neutered looking for homes. These are beloved family pets who have been regulars at QK for years - the client needs to rehome them. Please contact us if you are interested in either! UPDATE: Icey is now living in Long Island with her elderly new owner enjoying daily walks on the beach, belly rubs and lots of attention. Buster is back home with his family again.

Name: Yellow Lab Puppy

This beautiful female lab pup was born on July 13th, 2020. She came from incredible European and American show lines. She is sweet, well mannered, crate trained and very social. She will be learning leash skills and obedience and is available. SOLD

Name: Miles

Miles is a 3 year old neutered male boxer lab mix. He trained in the QK comprehensive 4 week off leash program in the summer of 2019. Miles was nick named "Miles of Smiles" because he is such a happy boy. He is very athletic, smart, and loves to be with people. Miles would be a great running, hiking or mountain biking companion. He gets along well with other dogs. He is extremely obedient and loves to please. He is fully house trained but needs a new home due to owner's new job and apartment living. SOLD

Name: Sniper

Sniper is one of the QK 7 Arfs that Jennifer purchased in March of 2020. Sniper showed some special qualities from the start and Jennifer kept him to continue his advanced training and bring him to winter training in Florida and Georgia to gain even more experience marking birds, learning to run blinds and maybe molding him into a field trial or hunt test dog as well as a hunting companion. Sniper was whelped November 2019 and he comes from incredible bloodlines to include his grandfather NAFC FC Windy City's Mighty Mouse (Mickey) as well as many other notable FCs and AFCs. Could he be your next field dog? FOR SALE SPRING/SUMMER 2021

Name: Elhew Pointer Puppies

We have a neat opportunity here to offer Elhew Pointer Pups. At three months old these pups have been well socialized and have been working on crate training and manners. They will soon be ready for their field training! Black and white male, black and white female, liver and white male available. These well-bred field dogs make lovely family pets when they are not being weekend hunting warriors!

Name: Black Lab Male

This blocky boy is quite the hunk. Extremely well-bred from Multi Champion lines! SOLD

Name: Black Lab Male

Another blocky, handsome brother here. These pup's parents come with AKC CHIC health tests and they are incredibly bred. SOLD

Name: Black Lab Female

This gorgeous black female lab pup also came from stellar European and American show lines. She is extremely outgoing and social, well-mannered, and crate trained. She was born on August 29th, 2020 and will be spending time with Jennifer learning leash manners and obedience. SOLD



Ellie has become such an incredible addition to our family and we can’t thank you enough! Our experience with you has been top-notch from day one! You asked us all the right questions, helping to narrow down a search for a dog that could immediately transition into our family. Your ability and willingness to find Ellie, and put her through the paces to see if she may be a good fit was above and beyond our expectations! Then the work you and your staff put in with her over the next month to address any concerns and desires we may have had were all met! Ellie transitioned into our home with ease, and it feels as if she has been with us forever. Thank you Quinebaug Kennels!!!!


Chris, Melissa, Owen & Landon


We contacted Jennifer based on a friend’s recommendation who has purchased two dogs from her. We both admit we were somewhat apprehensive about the thought of bringing home a pup who would be almost a year old (missing out on the fun of puppyhood), but it could not have turned out any better. Every day there is still a bit of puppy clowning and silliness.

Jennifer guided us in our selection of a pup. She wanted to get to know us and the dogs. She gives a lot of thought to ensuring the right dog is going to the right family. She fully understood who we were looking to add to our family – a new family member as well as a field companion and we were fortunate to have brought home a loving eleven-month-old black lab pup. As a result of the time and effort Jennifer put into him, he is incredibly well socialized and well trained, patient, and eager to please. He is respectful in our home and an absolute pleasure to bird hunt with. He has been pheasant hunting a half dozen times and put up over thirty pheasants. He has also recovered every pheasant harvested. His prey drive is unlike anything we have ever seen. Truly an astonishing hunting partner. Duck hunting is next and he loves the water.

Lovely and pleasing to look at – yes, we are biased, but everyone says so – friends, neighbors, strangers alike. He is handsome, smart, well trained and well loved…we can only take credit for the love. Thank you, Jennifer, for your guidance, your expertise and skill, and for listening.

Sal and Kim


This past summer I lost my 12-year-old rock star black lab to cancer after a long and distinguished career of being my partner in guiding grouse and woodcock hunters in the North Maine Woods for Orvis Endorsed Libby Camps. Charger was one of the finest upland labs in the country and had hundreds and hundreds of grouse and woodcock flushes in his career. After losing him shortly before the 2020 season was about to begin, I was fortunate to make acquaintance with Jennifer from QK and learned of an incredibly special lab she had raised and trained to an intermediate level. Jennifer got me partnered with this new lab who came from the same blood lines as my Charger and after a few videos and a face to face, I knew, as did Jennifer that it was a perfect match. Millinocket’s Flying Pletcher is now living the high life at Libby Camps and after the first grouse season has proven to be an incredible asset to my hunting team. He came to me with a great skill set instilled by Jennifer’s training program and with little more than some wild bird exposure in our exceedingly difficult covers, he has proven to be a great grouse and woodcock hunter. Jennifer took the time to introduce me to Phletcher and I am sure, scope me out a bit to make sure her charge was going to a good home, exactly what any responsible breeder/trainer should do. Phletcher is not the first dog I have seen from QK, as I have a couple of clients/guests/friends that have dogs raised or trained by Jennifer and all have impressed me with their hunting prowess and training. I highly recommend QK and Jennifer if you are looking for that next partner in the field. Dogs are a dime a dozen, but the good ones are often one in a lifetime. I feel like Jennifer has given me the opportunity to experience it more than the once.

Scott Story
Master Maine Guide
Operations Manager
Orvis Endorsed Libby Camps


Pharmer joined our family a few months ago, and he has been an excellent addition. Jen was fantastic to work with during the selection and training process. She was able to read my wife and I, as well as our two current dogs, to select the right dog for us. We were able to visit him every week to start building a bond with him (we couldn’t wait for him to finish “school”), and Jen was able to demonstrate where he was at with training. She also showed us tips on how to become better dog handlers ourselves. This made his transition into our home that much easier. She took time out of her busy schedule to sit down and update us, then we were able to work him ourselves under her guidance, or just have fun and watch him chase birds. This fall was his first hunting season, and he was impressive to say the least. He has incredible drive, ability, and, most importantly, he follows commands like a well-seasoned bird dog. In the home, Pharmer is well behaved, sweet, and already a part of the pack. We couldn’t be happier with him. Amy and I would strongly recommend Jen and her staff to anyone looking for their next companion, or training their current dog. The facility is impeccable and runs like a well-oiled machine. Her staff is friendly, and we felt comfortable from the moment we set foot on the property. Thank you Quinebaug Kennels for providing our family with such a wonderful dog!

Best Regards,

Patrick, Amy, Baloo, Remington, and Pharmer Reynolds


I have been a QK client since 2008.  I trained my previous GSP with Jennifer Broome and had great success. My hunting buddy and I lived “off leash” for many years and had a great life together.

As life goes, I began looking for a new hunting partner in February 2020. I thought I might try a started dog instead of a very young puppy. Then the COVID virus came to America and life went into a standstill. When I restarted my search in June the waiting list for pups were several litters long for most area breeders and started dogs were few and far between.

In early September I reconnected with Jennifer and asked if she might help me in locating a young dog, one I might be able to get into the field this fall. She agreed although already having a very busy schedule.

Over the next several weeks we traded emails and text messages regarding this dog or that pedigree without finding “the right one”.

Then divine intervention, Jennifer emails me suggesting I contact one of her clients who is looking to place his young pointing dog. This youngster had just completed a 2-week obedience class at QK Dogs and she thought very highly of him.

As I finished responding to Jennifer’s email I thought that the owner’s name sounded familiar. I immediately called my son, who coincidently (or not) just finished a call from the owner. As it turns out the owner was a recent fishing-only member of my Fish and Game club. I had met him briefly at my club’s 2019 game dinner. And we both attend the same church. Maybe NOT a coincidence after all.

To end this long story, my wife and I met with the owner and his pointing dog, and we agreed to take in this beautiful young dog. We have continued our QK training and have since bagged our first pheasant together. There is nothing better than a life “off leash” and “in the field”.

I wholeheartedly recommend Jennifer Broome’s QK placement program. It worked wonderfully for us!

All the best.

“Those who have never been owned by a sporting dog have missed one of life’s greatest pleasures.”

C.E. Metz


We just took delivery of our fourth generation of labrador retriever trained by Jennifer Broome. To say that we’re pleased with Jennifer’s work is an understatement. We’re serious about our hunting dogs and Jennifer has done a superb job with our labs. They are a point of pride in the field. Whatever your position, Jennifer can help. We’ve brought her labs for training that we’ve purchased from other breeders. We’ve been lucky enough to have adopted a pup (dog of a lifetime!) from one of Jennifer’s own litters. Most recently we had Jennifer find us our latest lab from another reputable breeder, which she worked with for eight months before giving us a largely “finished” dog in time for this hunting season. And he is a machine in the field but sweet and gentle at home. When we travel, we have total confidence in QK Kennels’ boarding program. Our dogs come back refreshed, clean, healthy and in better shape than when they left home. She and the the entire QK Dogs staff are an extension of our family because of how much they’ve added to our family over the years.

Hugh Wiley – New Canaan CT