Quinebaug Kennel’s owner Jennifer Broome

A lifetime of working with dogs

She has over 20 years of professional dog experience which include close relationships with many veterinarians, dog breeders, dog enthusiasts, and top trainers that provide a wonderful network of dog expertise.

Jennifer adores and appreciates all dog breeds, rescues, mixes, and mutts. Whether you are thinking about the perfect lap dog, family pet, older dog rescue or refined field dog, Jennifer is ready to share her in depth knowledge and expertise to help you find the perfect new canine friend. She can provide you insight about each breed, their temperaments, the good and bad characteristics, their training and exercise needs, and most importantly how to choose the very best breed and particularly the correct breeding that matches your goals, expectations, and lifestyle

People are all too often fooled into buying a dog for its looks when in reality they truly do not understand the specific needs for each breed.

Certain breeds are so tough, dominant and stubborn that they can be a very unwise choice for new dog owners. Jennifer admits that over 50% of the clients that contact her for training help had purchased the wrong breed, bought from an inferior breeder or ignorant so-called breeder. Additionally, pet store dogs and back yard breeders often do not test for health, temperament and structural soundness.  This means owners are often frustrated with their dog’s high activity level, dominant temperaments, and slow response to training efforts.    For instance, if someone is looking for a black lab, Jennifer can identify at least 4 different black lab styles based on lineage, build, size, energy level, athleticism, biddability, prey drive, and dominance level.

  • What about the difference between male vs. female?
  • Puppies vs. trained dogs?
  • Pure breeds vs. “designer breeds” vs. mutts vs. rescues?

Buying a dog should be the least expensive investment towards your new future K9 friends. Bad breeding leads to costly vet fees, surgeries, unhealthy dogs and extra training fees.
Let Jennifer offer you advice through her phone consultations, her breeder referrals, or her services to find or train the perfect dog for you!

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