Want to learn from the best?

Let dog expert & QK Founder, Jennifer Broome, evaluate you & your pup in your home element so she can quickly problem solve and coach you on corrections you can make with your dog right away!

Are you considering a new pup?

Before you get a pup, Jennifer will discuss and evaluate best pet options for your family.

  • What breeds may best fit your lifestyle?
  • How to best purchase a pup or dog?
  • How to navigate the process in rescue or adoption?

Now you’re a NEW Owner!

  • Jennifer will break down what to do the first days home:
    • crate training
    • feeding
    • house breaking
    • manners
    • puppy obedience and behavior shaping
    • puppy biting and naughty behaviors


  • Do you think you’ve tried it all but you are still having the same behavioral or training issues?
  • Jennifer will guide you through the QK Dogs programs that will best help you and your dog become the dog you’ve dreamed of!

Schedule a Zoom with Broome!

Spend time virtually learning about your dog and how to best train them, right from the comfort of your own home!

“Trained dogs live better lives.” – Jennifer Broome –