Physical exams now included with training

December 8, 2020

I am very excited to announce that QK will be having me (Dr. Kristin Williams, AKA “Dr. K”) perform thorough baseline exams on all of the dogs that are booked for training for the rest of 2020 and into the new year!

Why is QK making this change?  At QK Dogs, we have high standards for the overall complete health and wellness of the dogs in our care.  It is NOT just about having them trained properly; without a healthy foundation to work off of, many dogs may have trouble performing to their full potential, or will be unable to complete the programs we have designed for them to achieve the targeted levels of training.

We have experienced having some dogs arrive at QK with health issues that owners may be unaware of, or don’t realize will affect their dog’s training.  These include problems such as broken teeth/severe dental disease, ear infections/allergies, and orthopedic/neurological abnormalities.  In order to best assess a dog’s initial health, AND monitor for any changes while a dog is training in the QK program, I will perform an exam within a few days of your training dog arriving on the QK campus.

This exam will include (if your dog will allow it initially) an assessment of the dog’s baseline hydration status and vital signs (temperature, pulse, and respiration – TPR), eyes, ears, dental health, heart and lungs, lymph nodes, abdominal palpation, and checking your dog for signs of any orthopedic issues such as hip dysplasia.  I will also look over your dog’s skin and make sure there are no outward problems with allergies or skin infections, fleas/ticks, or even contagious warts called viral papillomas – gross!

After the exam I will reach out to the owner (you) to discuss any concerns.  This will include my objective score of your dog’s body condition, and we can also focus on your dog’s nutrition – more on that in the next newsletter!!  In addition, I can offer treatment recommendations for any health issues I find with your dog, and answer any questions you may have about your dog’s overall well-being.

I so look forward to connecting with all of the dedicated canine owners who take advantage of the amazing training that QK has to offer, and I hope to help you make your dog a complete QK DOG!!