Puppy Boot Camp

October 1, 2020

by Meagan Seacor, Boot Camp Attendee

On my way to QK Puppy Boot Camp this past Sunday, September 13th, I was daydreaming of what a day surrounded by puppies would look like… I pictured snuggling with a Golden Retriever, maybe playing a little game of fetch with a Cocker Spaniel, and definitely rolling around with a little (but big) ole’ Newfoundland. Puppy heaven, right!?

That’s not quite the way it went, but much to my surprise, what I experienced was actually SO MUCH BETTER. Hard to imagine, but true!

If you’ve seen the magic of Jennifer Broome & her trainers, you know exactly what I am talking about. If you haven’t seen it firsthand, let me tell you… it is worth every minute of your time & investment (and your pups’ too)!

Whether you are an experienced dog owner or new puppy parent, there is no question that you will walk away with invaluable tips, tricks & training knowledge to bestow upon your dog at home from this team of trainers.

The serene atmosphere of the QK campus in Canterbury, CT set the tone for the day. There were a few barks but far & few in between for more than twenty puppies in the same space. The humans were camped out in their lawn chairs, the pups laying by their sides, for a relaxed & ready-to-learn kind of vibe.

Supported by QK’s on-staff veterinarian & outstanding dog trainers, Jennifer Broome led the morning’s discussion and puppy drills to kick off the ‘Boot Camp.’ Now I don’t want to give away any of her trade secrets, nor can I explain the training like the trainers can… but for a first timer at Puppy Boot Camp, I can’t tell you how many times I thought to myself simply… ‘WOW.’

Do you know how important it is for an owner to show their pup leadership? That puppies NEED, not want, but NEED you to lead? Do you understand the importance of practicing ‘turn, tug, go’ with your puppy? That following the pressure of the rope lead is how they learn obedience to a level so high that they may never need a leash again?

Did you know that dogs cannot see the brightest shade of orange, as it appears grey to them, if it isn’t moving? Do you know how to properly pick up a puppy so you don’t hurt it in the process? And what about the importance of putting your hands in your puppy’s mouth?

I thought I knew the basics, but after Puppy Boot Camp I realized I knew very little at all! However, in a short six hours, I walked away with so much more knowledge than I ever could have imagined.

Jennifer is an incredible public speaker and this woman is the Queen Dog Whisperer (no really, I watched her put the rowdiest puppy at camp in line within 10 minutes) so naturally we were all hanging on to every word she said. In all honesty, I’ve never seen anything quite like it. The way she handles the dogs with care, assertiveness, attention and direction, they immediately respect and follow her lead. She encompasses all of the qualities any dog owner strives to have and fortunately for our group, Jennifer led by example and spent time showing the humans just how to emulate the same display of leadership for the puppies.

Then Dr. K, now full-time vet at QK, opened up the floor for a Q & A session during lunch, and the questions kept on coming from the puppy parents. Whenever I had brought my dog to my veterinarian in the past, it was a quick visit, and then I’d spend time Googling my questions in between annual appointments. Having the opportunity to ask Dr. K whatever came to mind in this tranquil setting provided a benefit that alone made the Puppy Bootcamp worth it.

You’ll watch your pup blossom in a short six hours, with opportunities not only to be trained by leading professionals, but time to develop their organic puppy nature thru the obstacle courses, while conquering their fears and facing what intimidates them too (when you see a large, adorable Newfoundland puppy walk across a thin balance beam raised off the ground four feet, you’ll see & feel the QK ‘Magic’ too)!

There’s another Puppy Training coming up on October 4th and I can promise you, I won’t be missing it. And neither should you! Whether your dog is 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years, I am convinced there isn’t an owner or pup out there that wouldn’t benefit from this Boot Camp. Seeing the passion of the trainers, the energy of the dogs and the owners in awe & wonder makes for an incredible day of training, so do yourself and your pup a huge favor and join the crew at QK on October 4th for another amazing opportunity for you and your pup!