QK Daycare… or “Playcare” as we call it

March 11, 2018

By Jennifer Broome, QK Owner

What sets us apart from other dog care facilities? Well, go to our webpage to explore our canine campus in the country www.qkdogs.com/canine-campus. We neighbor nature, stone walls, farmland and woodland. When dogs come to QK to board, train or stay for daycare they get fresh air, fields, woods, and large play yards. This environment allows dogs to romp, play, exercise and relax.

We are off the beaten path and away from bustling cities, traffic, and congestion and we love it that way! If our ‘out-of-the way-location is not convenient or does not fit into your work schedule, we will be offering local QK shuttles to pick up and drop off daycare dogs. Our larger QK shuttle van travels 3 to 4 times a week from Boston to NYC and beyond and has done so since we started nearly 15 years ago. We have realized the need for a local shuttle and we are ready to help you, so, who’s in? Where do you live? What is your schedule and how can we help? We are considering local routes within 30 minutes of the kennel to provide group pick up locations and even door to door services.

So besides a lovely campus location in the country, why come to QK? Well, consider these reasons: we are experienced, licensed, and fully insured. We are veterinarian recommended. We are professional, compassionate and truly dedicated to your dog’s needs. This includes an exercise regime based on your dog’s athleticism and physical needs as well as structured play time with packs of dogs under the VERY watchful eyes of QK Team Members. Why is this important? Well, most of our clients who bring their dogs to dog parks admit that their dog has been attacked by other dogs. This is ALL TOO COMMON at dog parks! At QK we recognize the dominant/bully dogs as well as the insecure/timid ones. These personalities are normal within dog packs, and there are leaders and followers. We ENCOURAGE group play, and we constantly rotate our packs and play groups to provide balance. As great dog handlers at QK, we use our calm, assertive leadership to keep order in these play groups. We correct the bullies BEFORE fights escalate, and we make sure these that these tough, rough dogs are not always allowed to be ‘top dogs’ which would only increase their confidence and dominance possibly leading to aggression. Effectively, they need to learn to ‘PLAY NICE!’

On the opposite spectrum, we want to boost the confidence of shy, timid, unsocial or worried dogs. We achieve this most often through leash work and training on our obstacle course (additional training services). We do not want these poor dogs to stay scared and stuck in a shell their wholes lives! We teach them to face fearful things by presenting them with jobs, such as climbing over, under, or along challenging obstacles. These simple tasks COMPLETELY change these worried dogs, it is amazing! The once frozen, refusing, bolting, or mentally stuck dogs relax, loosen up and become more balanced by gaining confidence. This allows them to better integrate and play with other dogs and experience normal pack behavior.

Besides group play, we provide many other services at QK that involve plenty of time with our expert staff. One of our favorites is our ATV exercise sessions on our woodland trails. Dogs are harnessed to a roading rig that extends safely away from the tires and we can exercise 4 dogs at a time. We set the speed to a power walk or slow trot for this controlled workout. The distances, durations, and speeds are completely based on the dog’s size, fitness level (or lack of!) and we constantly monitor their body language. Tails up and leaning/pulling into harness, the dogs want more! When the tails start to drop, ears flop back, tired looks and they are done. This is a physical and mental workout and the dogs love it. Even the ones who may be fearful at first quickly adapt and this only further improves their exposure to new situations or adversity. Adapt and overcome!

During inclement weather we hand treadmill all of our boarding and daycare dogs. With two specialized Jog-A-Dog conveyer belt systems, we power walk or trot the energy out. Think about how much YOU have to concentrate on focus on a treadmill! Same for the dogs. These controlled custom individual workouts again exhaust the body and mind further emphasizing “A Tired, Trained (Worked) Dog Is A Happy Dog!”

For the geriatric canines we provide hand walks in our fields and lots of cuddle and love time for these old timers who still need the exercise and LOVE the attention.

Still want your athletic beasts more fitness work? How about the overweight dogs or the geriatric dogs who need help? We offer additional hydro therapy (underwater treadmill) workouts.

How AquaPaws works:

The ability to control the velocity of the current and the water level means that AquaPaws is suitable for all therapy workouts. The resistance of a slow current will result in an effective low impact exercise session for seniors or recovering animals; a swifter current can exhaust even the most energetic canine athlete during fitness sessions. The water buoyancy and warm temperature increase flexibility, improve circulation and ease pain during the water treadmill workouts. The cumulative effect is greater psychological security and a willingness to perform exercises – thus, stretching, mobility and strengthening for dogs is accomplished faster and better with AquaPaws by Hudson Aquatics.

  • Build better muscles
  • Build up endurance
  • Improve overall fitness
  • Rehabilitate after injury or surgeries
  • Weight loss

Besides all of this exercise, we offer individual training sessions for all of our daycare and boarding dogs focusing on one-on-one leash work and manners. Ask about these services when you call or email to book with us.

Finally, dog care cannot be all about exercise, work and play. Rest, relaxation and structured down time is equally important! Providing a hectic, nonstop, high energy, noisy environment can have negative impacts such as exhaustion (which lower a dog’s immune system making them more susceptible to sickness). It is also extremely important to teach dogs to have an ‘OFF’ switch. This allows them to de-stress, rest, relax, recuperate and practice calmness. At QK we work VERY hard to enforce quiet time while dogs are in their kennel runs or crates throughout portions of each day to further provide structure and balance to our canine guests. Plus, it is a fun time to snuggle and love on them!

Like what you have read? How about these deals?

Current QK clients, pass this article to a friend. If they book with us as a new client and mention your referral we will give you a $20 day care credit for each new referral.

New Clients? Book 2 day care visits and get a third free for your first visit with us.

Want to try our local daycare shuttle if you live within 20 miles of QK? First time users will get half off our shuttle fees for your first booking.

Come let your dog stay and play for the day at QK!

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