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If your dogs runs out of food during their stay, can we add a comparable bag of Purina Pro Plan to your bill?(Required)
*NOTE: Due to the health risks associated with a grain-free diet, we do not stock grain-free products.
Example: 1 Cup twice/day with 1 scoop QK Daily Support Plus in morning meal
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At QK Dogs we offer the "Complete Bath" - Premium Shampoo with Hydrosurge Massage and Conditioner, Blueberry Facial, High Power Blow Dry with Brushout, Ear Cleaning and Nail Dremel. Additional Grooming services are available upon request (our Groomer will contact you to confirm your needs and provide a quote.
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Release Statements

By submitting this form, I acknowledge and agree to the following statements: I hereby certify that I am the owner of this pet.  I hereby grant permission to QK Dogs to act in my behalf, and in my dog’s best interest, by obtaining veterinary care at my expense, if deemed necessary, for illness or injury. I further agree to pay for all veterinary and other necessary services incurred by and for my dog during his/her stay at QK Dogs.  QK Dogs agrees to exercise all due and reasonable care to prevent injury or illness to my dog. However, in the event of illness or injury, the owners and employees of QK Dogs shall not be held personally liable for such injury or illness.  I agree to pay all costs for any property damage or personal injury caused by my dog during his/her stay. I agree to pay all additional charges on the day of pick-up of my dog and I understand that my dog may not leave the premises until all charges are paid in full. I understand that any animal left for ten days beyond the agreed date of pick-up may be sold or disposed of at the discretion of the kennel owner.  We are no longer accepting dogs in heat. Dogs will be turned away if they arrive in this condition. If dogs go into season during their stay with us and cannot immediately be picked up, $20 per day will be added to the final bill to account for extra efforts involved in accommodating proper isolation of dogs in this situation. Dogs left 10 days AFTER scheduled end date with multiple attempts to reach owner and/or emergency contact with no reply or payment will be relinquished to be placed, sold or removed as this is considered abandonment by the owner.