How Our QK Private Lessons Can Help You

September 7, 2017

By Jennifer Broome, QK Owner

If you have any of these problems with your dog…we can most likely help in just ONE lesson!
Pulling on the leash
Destructive in house
Won’t calm down
Lunging at other dogs
House/poddy training
Fearful of people
Fearful of other dogs
Fears in general
Hyper greeting people
Barking Dominant

Our experienced QK Trainers will set up a weekday or weekend private lesson to meet you and listen to your specific problems with your dog. They will jump right into a training session that is sure to improve your leadership skills, teach your dog to politely walk on leash, tackle our obstacle course to improve communication and give your dog a job as well as address resistance issues that come out as behavioral issues. This new skillset and information will quickly get you on track and provide you with the knowledge and tools to work with patience, persistence and repetition to help you better continue the training process with your dog.

QK Owner Jennifer Broome specializes in puppy lessons. Her 1.5 to 2 hour lessons for pups 10 weeks and up with the entire family will cover crate training, manners, acceptance of handling and touch all over, nail trimming, leash skills and lots of puppy rearing information that is sure to get you a great start with your new pup. Jennifer also works with all client dogs through private lessons for obedience and behavioral training as well as specialized field competition training.

QK Lead Trainer and Gun Dog Trainer Jordan Wells can help with all aspects of dog training. From aggression issues to puppy work, Jordan is a wonderfully talented, calm, effective trainer. He can help get you started with your sporting puppy in the field, exposing it to birds and gunshot as well as help the seasoned hunting dogs handle even better for their owners and improve their field skills. Jordan focuses on teaching the Foundation program which creates a wonderfully reliable, consistent and confident field dog.

QK Lead Obedience Trainer Sharon Ywarsky trains all breeds, ages and temperaments. As a Mom, Sharon also enjoys working with families and teaching kids how to handle and train their dogs. Sharon’s passion is helping train dogs for Canine Good Citizen and working dogs for future therapy dog work.

QK Assistant Trainer Samantha “Sam” Long has been with us for nearly 1 year but has quickly developed into a wonderful trainer. Sam’s personal dogs are a testament to her high level training skills. She is an avid hunter and currently training her Lab’s for field competitions. She offers lessons for all breeds, ages and temperaments and is a wonderful teacher.

QK Assistant Gun Dog Trainer Joe Lussier specializes in our gun dog puppy development program. He leads our 2 week puppy camp teaching all breeds of puppies handling skills (accept touch all over), point of contact leash training, leash work to tackle obstacles and face challenges creating a pup that is open and eager to learn. Joe also works sporting pups in the field for our head start program which develops their ‘inner beast’ to chase, pummel, carry and retrieve birds.

All of our experienced trainers can help you tremendously is just one lesson! Our skilled eyes will watch you work your dog and immediately read your dog’s body language, attention level and eagerness to learn. By introducing and refining your leash handling skills, we will clearly demonstrate how to step up and become your dog’s leader. This process is extremely successful and so rewarding! You will quickly see how our QK Trainers are passionate about their work and committed to teaching you improve all aspects in bettering your relationship with your dog.