Date of Graduation: January 10, 2019
March 1, 2019

I can’t thank QK enough!!!!!!!!!! This place is AWESOME!! The first assessment of our Springer Spaniel with Jennifer Broome (Owner/Trainer) was to say the least eye opening. We had been training our Springer Spaniel (Abby) for hunting and what we thought was good behavior. Well as it turned out we had an Alpha Dog in our home, and we were headed down a Bad road with Abby. QK took her in at 18 months old for a 4 week program. WOW, just WOW!! What a difference in our Quote “Princess” in just 4 short weeks. Chris Parry (Trainer) took Abby with absolutely NO bird exposure and very poor manners and turned her into a well-trained, tenacious bird machine. Well behaved on and off her lead. Abby actually enjoys her home training sessions with us now, and so willing to please. Just like the QK quote “A well trained, tired dog, is a happy dog”.

This dog finds and retrieves birds to hand faster than any dog I have ever hunted over. Plus, she has such a soft mouth and gentle touch, the birds come back unmarred, well except for the shot. Chris you did such an Awesome job with Abby. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I am truly looking forward to Abby’s pre-season refresher training, and many years of great hunting adventures with Abby.

Jenifer, you have built a great business, with a Staff full of passion and love for their jobs. My Wife, Myself and Abby are now part of your family, which is how you have made us feel. We thank you and your entire Staff.

A Heart Felt Thank You,

Vic and Linda Burnett

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