Date of Graduation: December 1, 2017
June 1, 2018

Daisy’s owners contacted QK because they were having a lot of unwanted anxiety and behavioral problems with their young 15-month-old Golden Retriever pup. Daisy was seen by a behaviorist to try to correct the negative behaviors she was exhibiting. The owners house was full of hard wood floors, and Daisy was overly nervous of walking over them. She also was unable to relax properly and lacked a tremendous amount of confidence. Living with Daisy was seeming to be a struggle as they had to keep rugs across the floors and even at times pick her up to get her to another side of the house! Daisy was put on Prozac to help calm her anxiety. After talking in length to her owners, they weaned her off the meds properly and then sent her here for our E-collar conditioning program. It was very clear that Daisy needed a JOB and help building her confidence. We immediately started working with Daisy, teaching her how to relax and be calm; no matter what was going on around her.

Once we started her lead work we taught her master how to many obstacles. It was clear that she had absolutely no confidence and was unsure about trusting people. With a lot of patience, persistence, and repetition; Daisy started to show more trust in us and understand we would not put her in danger. She went on many field trips during her training to help build her confidence even more. As soon as she finally gave in completely and let us become the dominant “dog” she turned a corner and became a happy, confident dog. She was going through all the obstacles with little to no resistance. She is off lead and enjoying the freedom to run around and have fun but is under control when needed. With a lot of patience and work and giving Daisy a job, she no longer needs to be on medication. All she needed was someone to step up and become her pack leader and show her that life is not as scary as it may seem. Daisy continues to come back for boarding and refresher work to keep up with the training. She was a joy to have here and is doing so much better in her home and is possibly going on to be trained for therapy dog work.

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