Date of Graduation: May 2, 2017
May 2, 2017

Millie (brown Labradoodle) came to us for puppy training when she was around 4 months old. Being a labradoodle, Millie will have to be groomed for her entire life so getting use to being handled all over and the sounds and smells of the grooming salon are necessary at a young age. As a typical puppy, Millie didn’t understand the grooming process. She would squirm and squeal to try and get out of it. We started bathing her every few days and working her with the dryer as well as brushing and handling her all over as part of her training program. This helped to get her calm and desensitize her to the grooming process.  Over her stay she learned to stay calm and relaxed while being groomed and handled.

Millie returned to us for more training as she got a little older and was able to be bathed and dried start to finish as well as dremeling her nails and cleaning her ears. She now loves her baths and trims and is polite and steady on the grooming table.

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