Date of Graduation: June 1, 2020
June 25, 2020

A note from Navigator’s owner, to QK Dogs Trainer, Chris Parry:


Hi Chris!

I just wanted to give you another quick update.  Gator has done spectacular over the last week.  We’ve worked hard on commands and boundaries and he really seems to be respecting his new place in our family hierarchy.

Last night we played ball fetch for 30 minutes in our (unfenced) front yard.  He recalled beautifully with MANY distractions and I had so much fun with him.  He didn’t try to bolt and hasn’t tried doing so when doors or gates open.  We haven’t had to activate a tone or zap on his collar for a few days.

I found a new love for this dog now that he listens.  Now if only we could get Polar brought up to speed again! 😄

Thank you for everything you did.  You helped make our family more peaceful again.

Hope all is well on your end!

~Debbie Orszulak

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