Date of Graduation: May 2, 2017
May 2, 2017

Odie came to Quinebaug while in a rescue and the coordinator of the rescue was having difficulty being able to place him.

When Odie first came in, he was out of control and unable to relax. We began teaching Odie, with the point-of-contact, to relax and learn to control his behavior with obedience work.  Odie made a lot of progress during his stay with us.  We worked with Odie patiently to modify his nervous and reactive behavior in certain situations. We socialized him extensively and gave him positive experiences in new situations to help him through his nervous behaviors.  At the end of his program here, he was able to relax and stay in high activity situations, respond reliably off-leash, and became a happy, relaxed dog.

We worked with the rescue to help them figure out the best fit and home for Odie when it was time for him to go home.

After being adopted and going home, we provided support to Odie’s new owner and helped her work through some situations so that she would know exactly what to do even after going home.

We received an update from Odie’s family a few months after adoption and continue to work with dogs from the same rescue.  We are so happy to see Odie thrive in his new home!

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