Date of Graduation: May 1, 2020
May 18, 2020

Thank you Kiira and the entire QK staff.  We now have harmony and balance in our home!


It has been two weeks since Oliver, our nine month old Bernese Mountain Dog, returned home from QK’s four week boot camp program.  Kiira’s hard work and dedication has given us a remarkably obedient and confident pup who loves to show off his beautiful disposition.


Rewind to the months leading up to boot camp and the picture was of utter chaos!  Tipping the scale at 100+ lbs. by 6 months, Oliver was too strong for even the strongest member of our family.  Walking him on a lease was impossible, and it was a struggle to keep him from chasing, mouthing and grabbing at clothing.  He had also turned into a canine vacuum, attempting, and occasionally succeeding, to inhale anything he could get in his mouth. Keeping him safe was a fulltime job!  His relationship with the youngest members of the family was the worst. He was constantly using his size to “control” any interaction they had with him, and he refused to back down.


What a change! At the end of the four week program Kiira reintroduced us to an amazing and respectful pup who is relaxed and craves learning. One thing that was mentioned early on was how the training would guide Oliver into becoming a better version of himself…this is so true.   Oliver consistently makes great choices even when faced with significant temptation. Daily walks are a pleasure, he responds wonderfully to voice commands, his recall is phenomenal, we are enjoying off leash hikes, and boy does he know the “leave it” command!


Oliver is now a truly joyful part of our family.


Kiira, we cannot thank you enough for all that you have done.  We knew Oliver was in great hands and would receive an abundance of training, but the outcome is so much more than we had imagined.



The Joly Family

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