Date of Graduation: May 2, 2017
May 2, 2017

Rocco the German Short Haired Pointer came to Quinebaug Kennels at the young age of 4-5 months old for the two week puppy program. Rocco was a typical shorthair puppy with a wild mentality and unmeasurable amounts of bird drive, however he was also a bit of a space case with a running mind and tap dancing feet.

With bird work and a young puppy the most important objective for his two week stay was not so much training, but teaching to stand still and accept touch along with calmness. At a young age it was easy to work his obedience on lead with a well-developed point of contact for his next step and return for the finishing of the gun dog program.

At first Rocco had some difficulties with his training due to immaturity and being so busy minded but with steps towards quieting him down and keeping him still, Rocco quickly began adapting into a stable pup. Most of the time for pups like this one; bird drive is never a problem. With Rocco’s love of birds, good natural point and willing retrieve we knew it was time to introduce a blank 22. Pistol and shortly after a shotgun. Dogs such as Rocco always give myself and the other trainers a feeling of relief and accomplishment when we can manage to slow them down and put a handle on them while never impacting their prey drive. Rocco was a lot of fun to work with and teach, and of course we look forward to his next stay with us.

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