Date of Graduation: January 22, 2019
February 5, 2019

We are just in awe of what a well-behaved dog he is.  I may have mentioned, but Stanley was coming home to our house partially under construction, which of course adds another layer of challenge and distraction with things being torn up and people coming in and out, and he has responded wonderfully.   I don’t think we could have brought him home to the house like this without the training – he would have gotten into everything.  The kids were thrilled to see him when they got home, but he was MUCH more subdued in happily greeting them (ie, not knocking them over or jumping up to get my daughter’s hair bow off her head which was his norm before!).   I really am just so happy and in awe of the transformation.

Thank you so much for all of your help with him and the updates you provided. Hopefully I won’t have to bug you with too many questions over the next couple of weeks as he settles back into home 🙂   I’ve attached a picture of him resting very comfortably on his new “place” –  he couldn’t even  handle being in this room prior to training due to the open bins of kids’ toys etc in here!  Now, he sniffed and just left them alone.


Thanks again!


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