Date of Graduation: October 10, 2019
October 31, 2019

We sent our extremely anxious rescue, Thali, to the 4-week boot camp at QK. Jennifer and Jordan turned our fearful, anxious, and sometimes aggressive dog into a confident, obedient member of our family. The kept us up to date on her progress and the take home lesson was informative and fun. We missed Thali very much during the 4 weeks, but it went by quickly and I wouldn’t trade what she learned for the world. We’ve had her home for just under a week and we’ve done things with her that we couldn’t do in the past two years since adopting her. She walks on leash so lightly that I forget she is there sometimes. We bring her into stores and public places without fear that she will bark at any random passerby. Her skills off leash are just as impressive! She’s overall much more calm and mostly unaffected by her surroundings. Thali came home in the best shape/condition we’ve ever seen her in. I can confidently say that she was extremely well cared for at QK. I will not hesitate to bring her in the future. The staff is friendly and helpful, the grounds and buildings are well cared for and clean. I highly recommend bringing your dog here for any type of needs. I cannot begin to express how beyond thankful we are for Jennifer, Jordan and the rest of the QK staff!

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