Rick Smith Seminars at QK 2017

June 7, 2017

By Jennifer Broome, QK Owner

Well, the seminar participants said it best…..

“I very much enjoyed the foundation seminar, learned a ton of new stuff and both the “Jack” and I got a lot out of it. I think Jack is progressing well on the program. Really wished I could of done the Intermediate but work commitments just would not allow it on short notice. Next time for sure.”

“Just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for hosting the Rick Smith seminar this past 5 days. It was run wonderfully. Your staff is friendly, informative, and just excellent in every way. Rick Smith is an icon and it was not only a pleasure to be able to listen to him, work with him, and just being around him, but I also feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to be in his presence the past 5 days. He is a man’s man, a gentleman though and through. He carries himself with confidence and self-esteem and he delivers his message with those same qualities.”

“Just attended a Rick Smith seminar at Quinebaug Kennel, it was awesome. The knowledge gained was priceless. The grounds and facility were immaculate. The staff was top notch. They were polite and professional at all times. Their expertise and passion for dogs shows with the results they achieve. Webfoot Outdoors highly recommends them.”

“I attended with the Airedale. I learned so much. I recommend the first 2 days for anyone who wants to understand dog training. The Intermediate classes for anyone that is going to hunt or do hunt tests. Such a good time with people who understand the importance of a well-trained dog. Great time. Thank you Jennifer Broome and Rick Smith.”

“I wanted to thank you again for allowing us the opportunity to attend the Rick Smith seminar.  Both of us found it to be very educational and well-presented and we were so glad to have been invited to attend.  Rick is very easy to listen to and he has a great manner with everyone in attendance and the Smith system is so solid and well-designed that I feel that many (NAVHDA) members could benefit greatly by applying it with their dogs…. Lastly, I want to commend you on your staff.  Each and every one of your team members that I met, whether in the kennel building or the field, was friendly and professional and sincere.  You definitely have a knack for finding the right people, and cultivating the kind of team and environment that are necessary to have a top level business.  And I know that I was not alone in these observations.”

Dogs being steady and learning to stand still while their owners walk away in the Foundation Clinic

Those were just some of the feedback comments that were sent after we hosted Rick Smith for the 5th time here at Quinebaug Kennels.  We had 30 participants with their dogs for the 2 day Foundation Seminar and 8 for the 3 day Intermediate Seminar.

These seminars take nearly a year to plan between advertising for the event, preparing the classes, and then filling the classes to be able to host someone as highly sought after as Rick Smith. We spent months sending out email information, getting sponsors such as Purina and Garmin and Quinebaug Kennels and finally doing the landscaping site work and staff preparation to provide a wonderful venue for this fantastic event! Well, all of the hard work paid off! We got a spiffy new tent that came in handy for our meet and greet barbeque, our wonderful lunch meals, and shelter during some of the in climate weather. The grounds looked spectacular thanks to a great Team effort by the whole QK crew. The QK Team was on their A game as the kennel crew gave tours, had the facility immaculate and worked extra hours to keep the facility open for retail sales and assistance. The QK Trainers were outstanding over the 5 days stepping in to assist all of the participants tirelessly with training advice, demonstrations, and hands on help at any moment with a smile!  I must have heard from at least a dozen of our guests how impressed they were with the QK Team, and I honestly could not have been more proud!

Rick Smith and Jennifer Broome

What are these Foundation Seminars about?

  • Basic dog training to understand the pack mentality, patience training, manners and basic leash work
  • While Rick is known for hunting/bird dog training his approach applies to all dogs, all breeds!
  • Understanding leash work is as simple as come to me, walk with me and be still
  • How to most effectively be your dog’s leader and why you NEED to be his leader

Goal of the Foundation Level: Develop your dog’s behavior around birds and develop conditioned responses through mechanical cues for obedience.

What are the Intermediate Seminars about?

  • Beyond the Foundation, begin e collar overlay transition from the cues of the leash
  • Quartering and stopping on cue in the field
  • Lots of bird work to teach TAKE CHASE and then progress to STEADINESS work
  • Backing and honoring other dogs

A 7 month Airedale puppy chasing his first bird

A Golden Retriever pup learning to be still and walk with Rick

The Patience Line where dogs learn how to chill out, relax and prepare their minds to learn

Overall our 2017 Rick Smith seminar was a wonderful success and we look forward to hosting Rick again in 2018!  We will post the dates towards the end of this year.  Additionally, we use the Smith techniques here with our training at QK and we are available for private lessons, in house boot camp or group lessons to best help with your canine training.  As Rick Smith says…. Never Settle!