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September 1, 2017

By Jennifer Broome, QK Owner

We need your help! At QK our goal is to strive to provide the best in dog wellness, care and training. We work closely with Miranda Creative, a marketing company that helped to create our amazing new website, our always changing Facebook pages, as well as design and create merchandise, posters and marketing material. With the growth of our business, we have networked out and have attracted a variety of wonderful new clients.

Over Labor Day weekend I assisted at the front desk and client after client that entered our doors raved about our services and how much they love QK. It gave me goosebumps and warmed my heart! This business is my baby and my husband as well as the entire QK staff work tirelessly to provide the very best dog care for your beloved dogs. It is not just our job, it is our passion and our lifestyle.

How can you help? Please tell us what you think. Unfortunately, it is all too easy for people to post unkind, untrue, harmful and hurtful posts onto our social media pages.  Some people are just being cruel….others are quick to judge when they are truly not telling the whole story.

If you like us, tell us! Please help with our FB testimonials and marketing campaign by writing a blurb about your experiences with us. Your comments, feedback, and advice are taken to heart and I am truly appreciative for all of it. On a weekly basis I hear from clients that have had issues, and those of you who did, most likely received a call from us to discuss the problem and ways we could improve.  We truly care.

Send us a photo of your dog with a statement why you like QK and we would love to post it!

All too often our efforts and personal outreach go unnoticed. Please send us your feedback. Where did you hear about us? Tell us about your experiences, how we have helped you, and what can we do to improve.

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Thank you for helping us to always make QK better!