Dr. Kristin Williams DVM

On-call Veterinarian
December 11, 2016

Meet Dr. Kristin Williams DVM, a 2008 graduate of the prestigious Tufts-Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine and newest member of the QK Dogs care team.

A Connecticut Native, and loving owner of Freddo and Jami — two playful Spaniels —  Dr. Williams returned to the quiet corner a few years ago, bringing her in convenient proximity to the QK Campus and the thousands of dogs in our care, every year.

“I could not be more thrilled to start a new year with this great new resource for our clients. Every year, QK Dogs seeks to evolve to meet the needs of clients, their dogs, and our care team. By providing on-site veterinary services, we are now able to address the total (emotional, physical, educational) needs of the dogs in our care – emotional, physical and educational – with each aspect being vital to a successful relationship between dog and owner.” Jennifer Broome, Founder and Lead Dog Trainer for QK Dogs.

An active veterinarian for the past decade, prior to returning to Connecticut, Dr. Williams cared for clients in the rural countryside of Maine and upstate New York. It was during this time, that Dr. Williams decided to focus her practice in small animal medicine and surgery — the entire QK Dogs community will benefit from this decision.

Dr. Williams will be the on-call veterinarian for the dogs boarded at QK Dogs — whether for temporary visits, longer-term training or daily playcare. In the event a dog needs treatment, owners and staff will have options to ensure the safety and well-being of all concerned. In addition, Dr. Williams will be available for on-site office hours or consultations related to established care plans (defined by existing veterinarian) or to establish a primary veterinary relationship if needed.

When not caring for Freddo, Dr. Williams and her husband and fellow-veterinarian care for three cats, four horses, two goats, and two brown Swiss steers named John & Henry.

To arrange for vet services during your dog’s stay, contact us at 860-546-2116.