Faith Ognan

Obedience Trainer

I grew up in Ashford, CT, and happily drive 45 minutes to work to do what I love- working with the dogs! From the day that I came to Quinebaug Kennels for my interview in 2018, I knew that I wanted to become a trainer. This is my first job, and I would full-heartedly be content in having it be my last. I knew my goal, and was ready to work for it. And here I am, two years later, finally pursuing my dream career. I learned so much in the kennel care position about the care of dogs, their personalities, and how to read body language, which now aids me in my training career.

My own personal dog Lexi, a Llewellin Setter/Aussie mix, made me realize that my passion is training dogs. She has proved that a trained dog is a happier dog, as she can now go anywhere with me. We’ve gone hiking through the mountains from New Hampshire all the way down to the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. She goes kayaking with me and is overall, an outdoor adventure companion. She’s  helped me to find my specialty in dogs, which would be the herding group. I love my herding breeds, and find them absolutely fascinating to work with.

In my free time, I still dedicate my time to becoming a better trainer. You can find me on a Friday night studying dog breeds, their purposes, their temperaments, and what truly drives them. I’ve been studying the different breeds since I was 7 years old, making PowerPoint presentations every month about the dog breed that I was researching at the time. My passion for dogs started at a very young age, and I’m confident that it will always be what drives me through life.